A Question.

So ı have a question about darkside chronicles as well as the 1st 2 cgi movies. ( Degeneration and damnation. ) Are they hated by the fanbase?

The reason why ı'm asking this question is cause shotaro suga, the writer of re6, previously wrote that spinoff as well as those 2 movies.

Imo they are underrated just like outbreak games ( Eiichiro sasaki, who directed those games, directed re6. ) which are also underrated along with re6.
I like some of the plot aspects in those shooting games, but the gameplay itself is pretty boring.

The animated films are a hoot, though. Us fans generally support them.
I liked the gameplay in darkside chronicles personally. It feels improved from umbrella chronicles' shooting. Though ı wished there were more weapons and the camera can be unnecessarily shaky at times.

I got another question. Can ı ask why do you think re6 is bad? I dont understand the hate for re6; ı think it's better than re4 and re5 while being improved from those games in many ways, both from gameplay and story perspective. I think it's underrated for the reasons ı posted.

Why is it that outbreak games are underrated for most people but re6 isnt for most people when all 3 games are directed by the same person?
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