a classic character once had a chance to return for a RE VILLage cameo

Spoilers ahead...
They actually wanted to add Ada Wong to the game.
Too bad they changed their minds.
Here's an article with concept art: Games Radar link
Update: I saw that the news was already posted at another thread however I wanted to post that and see peoples reaction, maybe if fans would be really interested in having Ada starring in a new RE game. In fact I would really like to see more of Ada and Claire Redfield interactions maybe for the next RE hopefully although rumor has it they want to give Rebecca Chambers the main role next.
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This evoked so many reactions from myself seeing this. I saw it naturally as well, in the DLC art via the main menu. I was elated to see her, crushed that it was scrapped and hopeful for the future all within 5 seconds.
Yeah. I also heard about Ada returning. I think this is what Capcom should focus on. There's no reason why a character like her cannot be in RE9. These first person sequels seem like a bit of a diversion from the main games, as the previous ones all established different groups of good and bad people. So we're just waiting for this to all come together in a way that makes sense. đź‘Ť
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