2021 Marathon DONE!

That was a lot of work but here are my time stamps. I’m no avid speedrunner but some games I’m better at than others. I may post my thoughts on each game later on. This was an exercise in patience towards the later half. All games include the story DLC’s as well.BB73B2A5-EA1B-412A-BFE7-BF53831CC22A.jpeg
Congrats! Will be interested in hearing your thoughts about the games.

Also checking the deaths; you surely died a lot in re6 the most. With " environmental " are you referring to running sections?
Congrats! Will be interested in hearing your thoughts about the games.

Also checking the deaths; you surely died a lot in re6 the most. With " environmental " are you referring to running sections?
Most of the deaths I can recall;
-Ogroman threw a car at me while I was on a turret and I died. Thinking I could of stunned him before he threw it but nope.
-Same part, I knew Ogroman was going to throw a car at the fence toward the last anti aircraft turret but an enemy knocked me down right in the path of the car and I died.
-I died twice at the wiggle stick part with Ustanak and kept failing at the last door. Forgot I had to wiggle both sticks.
-While trying to hook shot to next part on submarine after shooting a J’avo to activate explosion scene, a centipede arm J’avo came from behind, stun locked me, and slit my throat while trying to crawl away.
-Got hit by the last subway car since I forgot which way it came from. The QTE to avoid it didn’t show up.
-Helena died twice to Deborah at last part since I sucked at hitting her tentacle, realized I could just shoot her after the fact.
-Was seen as Sherry while trying to escape captivity in Chapter 3.
-While being chased by a helicopter to the boat after the dock area full of snipers, a Napad punched me to the ground and I fell into the level. I waited like 3 whole minutes while the camera was wobbling inside of a raft before the game recognized I was dead. Died twice here.
-Was knocked off the scaffolding and bus a couple times by the chainsaw mutant thing, resulting in instant death.
-Died once to Haos at final part when the screeching monkey thing somehow found me across the room when I was hiding from it.

That’s about 14 deaths already, the rest were from normal enemies. It’s a toss up between Chris and Jake campaigns for most deaths.
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I think your statistics perfectly illustrate that modern games have a higher traffic mortality rate. I suspect this may be due to the fact that developers no longer force players to search for ink ribbons, so games are no longer designed in such a way as to give the player more windows for mistakes. On the contrary, to compensate for the large number of checkpoints, the developers allow the enemies to kill the protagonist faster.
Interesting. I didnt know a bug could occur during the running section from the chopper in chris chapter 3.

What about the other 3 deaths though? Do you remember them? Did you die to rasklapanje for example? They can be hard to shake off without the breakout skill and the death animation is pretty long if that happens.

Also is your opinion about the game still the same? ( Is it still your least favourite mainline entry? ) Was the experience better or worse for you compared to your previous experiences with the game?


That's awesome! Did you play via emulation or original hardware? Kind of cool to see the disparity between the classic games and when the series shifted to action. Lots more ways to die in the sandbox versus the strategic and methodical nature of the classics.
@merit20004 Sherry got preggoed by a Rasklawhatever in Chapter 5 when I was low health. The other 2 deaths were from J'avo encounters. Didn't die to any zombies. I posted my thoughts in another thread on my opinions of the games.

@Yama I played the OG RE on PS1 emulator. As for the others I played mostly on PS4. RE2 and RE3 though I played on Gamecube. As for deaths some were deserved while others I felt cheated on. It was a fun romp while it lasted though!
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