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  1. russident

    Easter Eggs

    Let's post all the references and Easter eggs in this thread! Since I suggested it, I'll start: This is what I found recently.
  2. russident


    For some reason, I thought that this topic deserves its own thread. Ladies and gentlemen, a rival company has finally been revealed! At least, an early version of it. Yeah, by PU. WXC (World Xenobiological Corporation).
  3. russident


    I know, clickbait, but there aren't many lies here. As part of the broadcast of Residence of Evil, the director of the concept "Dave" for the series about the Arklay mountains announced a movie for fans. 5:59. As we can understand from the title and content of the video, the film can tell...
  4. russident


    Suddenly I wanted to share my art with you: Is anyone also interested in art and doing it? Feel free to share if you're not even an artist!
  5. Dead-Emmett

    Capcom Producer Praises The New Direction Of Project Resistance

    Capcom Producer Matt Walker Praises The New Direction Of Project Resistance; Adaption Is Key To Survival by Jeremy Green, Sep 16, 2019 Project Resistance is Capcom’s latest project in the Resident Evil franchise. Although it doesn’t have the iconic title, it’s still set in the same fictional...
  6. Dead-Emmett

    Resident Evil mods

    I would like to dedicate this thread to all the mods that are available for RE games.
  7. Dead-Emmett

    Resident Evil series plot holes

    I would like to dedicate this thread to all the plot holes in RE game series. Do you know some inconsistencies, plot holes or unexplained things you'd like to share?
  8. Dead-Emmett

    Questions and Answers

    Chances are you are confused or in the dark regarding something related to Biohazard. Why not then ask another fan? Put any questions here, simple or complex, and see if someone in the community can help. If you have any questions regarding viruses or monsters, I recommend checking these...
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