resident evil 8

  1. russident

    The Duke

    Having spent quite a lot of time in Village, I think I can answer the question of who or what the Duke is. Although this is not confirmed information, and I do not treat it as such, this is the only reasonable conclusion for me if the game gives context about the Duke's past in the first place...
  2. Dead-Emmett

    Capcom Announcing The Next RE Game At Gamescom?

    Story from Section copied from the story: "Capcom will be making some type of an announcement during Gamescom and it’s easily speculated that it could be from the Resident Evil franchise as the company has recently sent out emails regarding tester requests. If you don’t...
  3. Dead-Emmett

    Resident Evil 8

    Capcom is seemingly doing more Remakes of the old classic RE games. But what about Resident Evil 8? What do you think it will be? Would be nice to hear everyones ideas, thoughts, hopes and nots, what new you wanna see... everything to do with upcoming game! — story/plot — gameplay and controls...
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