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  1. Dead-Emmett

    IGN tries RE:3

    IGN got the chance to play RE:3 some hours. You can read the full story on their site here: Some stuff got my attention: "the quick step, a dodge button that lets you side-step almost all incoming attacks. The original featured something similar, but simplified to a counter that...
  2. Dead-Emmett

    Resident Evil 3 Collector's Edition

    This thing is impossible to find! Is anybody struggling too? Does anyone know do EU get more of those Collector's Editions or do I have to buy it with double on ebay? I don't understand why there's such tiny amount of those things? To create hype, like those NES Minis?
  3. mert20004

    RE:3 Announcement Trailer

  4. Yama

    Jill Valentine (RE3) TEPPEN Story

    Today Jill Valentine released for Capcom's mobile card game TEPPEN. She's sporting her Resident Evil 3 outfit, likely not a coincidence. :) All reveal materials can be found here. Below are screen captures I took from her story mode.
  5. Dead-Emmett

    Capcom Announcing The Next RE Game At Gamescom?

    Story from Section copied from the story: "Capcom will be making some type of an announcement during Gamescom and it’s easily speculated that it could be from the Resident Evil franchise as the company has recently sent out emails regarding tester requests. If you don’t...
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