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  1. An Herb Sandwich

    RE Story Arc Analysis

    Resident Evil is a long running series, and has had in that time what I consider two major story arcs and one mini arc in between. The Umbrella Arc Made up of; The Experience (estimation), RE0, RE1/Remake, Outbreak, RE3, RE2/Remake, Survivor, RE CVX This Arc is categorized by the...
  2. An Herb Sandwich

    Resident Evil Heroes

    A topic for discussing all of the heroic characters of Resident Evil/Biohazard. What are your favorites? Your least favorites? Which do you want to see in the future and what kinds of new ones do you want to see in the next games? Comment below. As with the villains thread, the topic is on...
  3. An Herb Sandwich

    Resident Evil Villains

    Here's a thread all about the villains of Resident Evil/Biohazard. Discuss what your favorite villains are in the series. What are your worst? Which and what kind of villains do you want to see in future games? Addendum: Villainous groups and organisations can technically fit here, but keep...
  4. An Herb Sandwich

    Symbolism in RE: Revengeance

    Decided to bring this back from the old Biohaze (edit: twice over). What themes, motifs, and other literary symbolism do you see or find in Resident Evil? I'll start this off with a post I made on Tumblr about RE5 and the contrast between Chris and Wesker in that game. I was always struck by...
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