1. Dead-Emmett

    Don't worry, RE:3 safe rooms ARE safe, confirms Capcom

    (If you didn't read the news about Resident Evil 3 (remake) allowing Nemesis to enter even into the safe rooms, you can read the original story from the Official Xbox Magazine.) This news have been corrected, since the writer of that article mistook the room as a safe room. READ THE ORIGINAL...
  2. Dead-Emmett

    Resident Evil 3 Collector's Edition

    This thing is impossible to find! Is anybody struggling too? Does anyone know do EU get more of those Collector's Editions or do I have to buy it with double on ebay? I don't understand why there's such tiny amount of those things? To create hype, like those NES Minis?
  3. mert20004

    RE:3 Announcement Trailer

  4. Yama

    Jill Valentine (RE3) TEPPEN Story

    Today Jill Valentine released for Capcom's mobile card game TEPPEN. She's sporting her Resident Evil 3 outfit, likely not a coincidence. :) All reveal materials can be found here. Below are screen captures I took from her story mode.
  5. Cindy B

    Will we see RE:3 this year?

    It’s fun to have the new site, but we’ve hit a lul as far as news. I’m excited for the next big reveal so we can really utilize it. What’s everyones take on RE:3 reveal?TGS? Later 2019? 2020?
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