1. russident

    The Matrix Franchise

    I just find it hard to believe how good this trailer is: Really enjoyed it! People in Russia usually love the entire trilogy, so it was a big surprise for me when I found out that many of the Western audience do not like the second and third films. By the way, I highly recommend The...
  2. russident


    I know, clickbait, but there aren't many lies here. As part of the broadcast of Residence of Evil, the director of the concept "Dave" for the series about the Arklay mountains announced a movie for fans. 5:59. As we can understand from the title and content of the video, the film can tell...
  3. Dead-Emmett

    Claire Redfield Will Reportedly Be The Main Character In RE Reboot

    READ THE WHOLE STORY: (You might wanna take that article with a huge grain of salt, because I didn't find any sources, other than "according to our source", in the end of the article) "Claire will be the lead character in the new film. She’ll have grown up in an orphanage...
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