1. R

    Metal Gear Solid

    I was very surprised that there is no topic about this legendary series on your forum, so I decided to create it myself.
  2. R

    Resident Evil 4 VR

    So, what do you think? Looks like fun as hell to me.
  3. R

    Grim Fandango

    A true gem of the video game industry: excellent writing, great acting, memorable characters, gorgeous setting, masterpiece soundtrack, and soulful emotional story. I don't often see discussions of this game, but the lack of attention does not detract from the amazing achievements that the...
  4. R


  5. R


    Suddenly I wanted to share my art with you: Is anyone also interested in art and doing it? Feel free to share if you're not even an artist!
  6. Dead-Emmett

    Resident Evil mods

    I would like to dedicate this thread to all the mods that are available for RE games.
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