1. C

    Do you want a Resident Evil 4 remake?

    I guess I don't. :P Credit goes to "Dark_Chris" for posting the link originally. At least, I think so. ;)
  2. Dead-Emmett

    Don't worry, RE:3 safe rooms ARE safe, confirms Capcom

    (If you didn't read the news about Resident Evil 3 (remake) allowing Nemesis to enter even into the safe rooms, you can read the original story from the Official Xbox Magazine.) This news have been corrected, since the writer of that article mistook the room as a safe room. READ THE ORIGINAL...
  3. Dead-Emmett

    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Gets A Vinyl Soundtrack

    READ THE WHOLE STORY SKNR.NET Laced Records and CAPCOM once again partner to bring fans Resident Evil™ soundtracks on audiophile-quality vinyl. Pre-orders are now open for the Resident Evil™ 3: Nemesis (aka Biohazard™ 3: Last Escape) double LP, featuring remastered audio from the original 1999...
  4. mert20004

    RE:3 Announcement Trailer

  5. Dead-Emmett

    Capcom Producer Praises The New Direction Of Project Resistance

    Capcom Producer Matt Walker Praises The New Direction Of Project Resistance; Adaption Is Key To Survival by Jeremy Green, Sep 16, 2019 Project Resistance is Capcom’s latest project in the Resident Evil franchise. Although it doesn’t have the iconic title, it’s still set in the same fictional...
  6. Spera01


    Does anyone else play this? It's a mobile card game featuring Capcom characters from various franchises (RE included). For years people have been asking for a Capcom vs Capcom game. Perhaps this is them testing the waters? The game is a fun fast paced one on one card based battle game where you...
  7. Dead-Emmett

    Capcom Announcing The Next RE Game At Gamescom?

    Story from Section copied from the story: "Capcom will be making some type of an announcement during Gamescom and it’s easily speculated that it could be from the Resident Evil franchise as the company has recently sent out emails regarding tester requests. If you don’t...
  8. Dead-Emmett

    Resident Evil 8

    Capcom is seemingly doing more Remakes of the old classic RE games. But what about Resident Evil 8? What do you think it will be? Would be nice to hear everyones ideas, thoughts, hopes and nots, what new you wanna see... everything to do with upcoming game! — story/plot — gameplay and controls...
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