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  1. Yama

    General Resident Evil producer of 27 years, ready to move on...

    Sheesh, another one to NetEase. They've taken some industry giants as of late.
  2. Yama

    Outbreak Ranking Outbreak Characters

    Yeah, well said. Even in fighters I'll pick a character out of enjoyment first, then hope they're viable second... or work hard to make them viable. Great tier list by the way. If you had to place Alyssa in a tier despite being situational, where would you place her?
  3. Yama

    RE:4 RE:4 Officially Announced

    Not so sure I prefer it, but definitely do like it. The more costumes the better imo.
  4. Yama

    General Random Thoughts: Biohazard/Resident Evil edition

    I wouldn’t say it’s especially hard as much as it is gimped, leaving the player with no warning and essentially locking them out of inventory, etc.
  5. Yama

    General RE Project Platinum

    That is absolute hell, I couldn't but commend you for it. The most portable that game will ever get for me is Steam Deck. Not a huge fan of it already, but I'll at least say its silky smooth 60fps gameplay was a plus, take that away and its pretty torturous.
  6. Yama

    General Name Things You Love About Resident Evil

    It definitely has a unique feel, I've always felt this way. The color palette and design is retro weird and in its own way very eerie. REmake is very much just scary in comparison, but in a more traditional sense. I love both for their unique settings.
  7. Yama

    General During the Storm cancelled.

    That's crushing, was one of the better looking projects in years and as close as we would have gotten to a true 32-bit era Biohazard nowadays.
  8. Yama

    General RE Online | An RE:2 Brainstorm

    I wanted to resurrect an article I published a couple of years ago and double down on the notion presented. Sadly I did feel timing was everything and since, we've had seemingly two vaporware online efforts and missed the unknowing 2020 opportunity of streaming at its height popularity...
  9. Yama

    RECV CV a spin-off?

    I was hoping (past tense) before RE:2 even came out that it would have been in that nature, not now. I also would have preferred a reboot if it was going to be more than just RE:2, not re-tellings. The very thing that would have made a lot of you leave the series is something I was okay with...
  10. Yama

    RECV CV a spin-off?

    ... and then released it as a GameCube timed exclusive, lol. The irony here, should have just went with RE4. I was hoping the remakes would potentially fix this, but RE4 has become a brand of its own and a cultural phenomenon, so there was little chance of that ever happening.
  11. Yama

    General Best Version Of Wesker?

    I like the more mysterious and grounded version of him in RE:1 and eventually the inclusion in RE4. I'd love to see how this could be done in RE:4 if at all. Had they remade RE1 first, I could totally have seen a better inclusion in RE:4. With no RE:1 or RE:CV remake however, we'll see how they...
  12. Yama

    OT Games Ashfall

    The studio prowess is there, the NFT's though...
  13. Yama

    RECV CV a spin-off?

    Exactly, the game is crucial to the main plot development and was even loosely referred to as Bio 4 back then until the actual RE4 was revealed. I do not understand how we associate a game being mainline or not based on a number > its contents, which was also the biggest Biohazard title to date...
  14. Yama

    General Random Thoughts: Biohazard/Resident Evil edition

    Yeah, considering you arrive at night this time I expect it to be. If not the area, the mood it presented at least.
  15. Yama

    General Random Thoughts: Biohazard/Resident Evil edition

    Something about hopping back on the boat and retreading the area at night felt super explorative at the time, really enjoyed that entire area. Small but definitely memorable.
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