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    I travel for my event brand almost weekly during busy periods so have very little to moderate. I'll consider some active new moderators for sure, even if for spam duty solely. I tried a bunch of new automatic methods and they seemingly still come up short. Going to make thread on Xenforo for...
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    Resident Evil 9 Rumor Teases Jill Valentine Return

    OT: Having flashbacks to the old Biohaze days with the Beasley video where he dubbed over Hitler calling Biohaze "Jill fans."
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    Just to add for anyone trying to play at 21:9, the game crashes at cut scenes. Add a custom resolution in Nvidia control panel or the like and it'll work just fine: For 2560x1080 use 2520x1080 For 3440x1440 use 3360x1440
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    About The Hate For RE6

    It's fun reading all of the different perspectives, I miss this. It's always been a tough one to put my finger on. It wasn't what I wanted from Bio at the time, but it was a great videogame. It felt epic and grand, like we were apart of something huge, it also was feature and content rich. That...
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    RE '96 SHDP

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    Welcome to Raccoon City First Look

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    RE:5 and RE:6

    Yeah, they hold up fairly well too visually so I don’t see the reason. Perhaps a super low resource port with modern mechanics, better textures, etc. but not a full on remake. If they had rebooted the series sure, but seeing as they didn’t and started with RE:2 and fit it into what we already...
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    Welcome Thread + Giveaway

    Welcome back, great to have you.
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    Goodbye to…

    Social Media definitely took a stab at most forums, but I still enjoy sitting back and reading a well thought out post at my own leisure versus small posts on the various social media platforms. As for yourself, door is always open. I don't see why discussing a videogame should ever cause...
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    RE Project Platinum

    I could not imagine stomaching UC for that long of a period, especially now. I commend you, lol.
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    2021 RE Marathon Thoughts

    I absolutely adore REmake in every way, but will say the character discrepancy for Rebecca irks me. Having been through Biohazard Zero seeing her in a completely helpless state in REmake simply makes zero sense. Given the two games share so much and were developed around the same time, I wish...
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    RE:3 Remaster (Mod) | Park, Clock Tower

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    Resident Evil 9 Rumor Teases Jill Valentine Return

    Definitely hype! Hoping this is a separate game, not attached to the Winters saga. Welcome back btw, hope all is well. <3
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    Random Thoughts: Biohazard/Resident Evil edition

    Yeah, I'm not the most fond of RE6 (don't hate it, it's a quality video game), but there is no possible way someone can justify bashing the Simmons fight and being okay with the MGS Heisenberg fight lol.
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    Silent Hill 3/4 Vinyls

    That art is so so good on the SH3 vinyl.
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