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    RE Village Thoughts

    Just checking in. Savoring this first playthrough as you only get one, but will be back with my impressions once completed. Loving the atmosphere thus far.
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    RE Village Reviews Are Out!

    Pretty positive, though a big mix between stellar and average it seems. Bigger players like IGN giving it an 8, GameSpot a 9 and GameInformer a 93.
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    My hope for a new Silent Hill game is still high...

    Played Silent Hill 3 recently and it’s such a masterpiece, that game aged like fine wine. If we can get anywhere near Team Silent level of quality, we’re good. Agreed though, it’s a must for a comeback.
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    Song of Horror

    Looks really good, I’ll probably jump in after Village. My friend got me it for my bday last May on Steam, I hadn’t touched it yet but should have.
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    Biohazard/Resident Evil Collection

    Excellent collection @ninjamaster super impressive. I really can't wait to have a bigger place one day to properly display my own. Love your system collection specifically.
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    2021 Marathon DONE!

    That's awesome! Did you play via emulation or original hardware? Kind of cool to see the disparity between the classic games and when the series shifted to action. Lots more ways to die in the sandbox versus the strategic and methodical nature of the classics.
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    Change of Opinions About The Franchise.

    Thank you for this Miakmi interview, excellent stuff. Not sure how I missed this. The Archipel videos were also awesome, in case anyone missed those.
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    Resident Evil 4 VR

    I think it looks like a to of fun. I hate that it's locked behind some exclusive hardware that's running on a cellphone CPU. We have legit VR headsets that can run it better, enough with the sell out moves and release it for everything.
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    Days Gone (PC)

    Now that is how you bring a game to PC from console, what an excellent looking port. Day one.
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    RE Showcase | April 2021

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    The Last of Us

    I’m not convinced that doesn’t mean remaster, or some sort of remaster collection for PS5 along with the new multi as a service game. We’ll see, that would be amazing.
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    Grim Fandango

    One of the games that got me into PC gaming back in the day.
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    The Day Before

    Unapologetic rip of TLOU's style, but looks really fun. Open-world MMO survival.
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    Resident Evil Showcase | April 2021 – Teaser with Re:Verse

    Probably going to go on blackout regarding Village at this point, so close and I've stayed away from spoilers thus far. I'm fine to check out any other tidbits regarding other material though.
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    Biohaze Website

    @Mr. Rod will be updating the forums tonight, shouldn't be any downtime but just in case. We'll also be working on a way to help registration security to kill the bots.
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