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    General Soundtracks

    This is a compilation video of the ambient sounds and atmospheric segments from RE2 and RE3 starting at September 28th. It transitions to RE2 and back to RE3 to complete the experience. Slow panning in-game graphics and some extra editing and sound design fill in the gaps.
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    RE:3 RE:3 Remake Thoughts

    Audio Easter egg: Did you notice that the RPD dark room in RE3r has the orchestrated of Secure Place instead of the expected RE2r save room music?
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    RE:3 RE:3 Remake Thoughts

    Another major gripe I have is the reused environments from RE2. I’m not talking about the RPD. I’m talking the gigantic new sewer section and the NEST2. Essentially, they either didn’t care or have enough time to recreate the clock tower, park or graveyard, so the sewer bridges the gap between...
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    RE:3 RE:3 Remake Thoughts

    RE3 Critiques: Removal of clock tower, park, graveyard, factory. NEST2 felt boring and bland. Music was practically non existent aside from a few throwbacks. No Barry (wtf) No freeze rounds (wtf) Absolutely zero tension was created by the missile attack. No countdown, no radar. Zero...
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    General Soundtracks

    Can't beat Marshalling Yard 1 & 2, all of the RPD music, lab music and most of the ambient cut scene music from RE2. Completely unique and captivating. There is no other music that sounds like that. The harmonic complexity and weird tonal intervals are a stroke of genius. To me, RE2 music is a...
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    General Favourite Game In The Series?

    RE2 original RE3 REmake REMAKE 2 RE0 RE7 tied RE RECVX RE4 RE5 RE6
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    RE:3 Returning Features in RE3 Remake?

    1. The increasingly foreboding atmosphere conveyed by increasingly insane Nemesis encounters and the impending nuclear explosion 2. The sense of dread and loneliness created by of a city being robbed of it's life due to the outbreak 3. Slow burn puzzle solving and a non-linear path 4. The...
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    RE:2 RE2make needs DLCs and new campaigns

    I had a dream years ago that many of us were let down by REmake 2 but they eventually released a DLC mode that kept the tank controls and fixed cameras in tact and it was amazing. At the very least I hope for the sake of preserving the original version of the game, they allow us to download the...
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