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  1. Rombie

    Revelations Meeting Michiteru Okabe, Producer of Revelations 2

    I had a brief chance to talk to Okabe-san at the Rev 2UK press event for the game's upcoming release, but of course being it wasn't yet out he was limited to what he could say about the project beyond what had been shown and was shown at the event, He did give me a hint that a new major title...
  2. Rombie

    OT Website Biohaze Website

    Sounds like a plan to me for sure. I think there is a refresh I need to do to fix some errors anyway, so I will get back to you soon. Thank you for getting the avatar, perfect!
  3. Rombie

    OT Website Biohaze Website

    Heya Yama, looking good. :) I'm just wondering if you still have all the user icons and avatars from the original forum still on archive? I'd really like to put my zombie back on here for my user icon. I looked at the archived version, but the Web Archive never saved my icon with my posts and...
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