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    RE:3 Announcement Trailer

    Send it to me too, please~
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    The Last of Us Part II

    I'm personally not a fan of the gameplay of The Last of Us so far, granted I'm not too far into it so I can't say much for the story, but it takes a good while to pick up and actually get decent. Can't say I like these slow starting games and I'm not really talking about the intro sequence with...
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    Project Resistance Suggestions

    Essentially summed up my thoughts, Blackbird. I'd definitely say 1 and 2 are worth working on first, and there are very easy things to fix like the UI. Balancing the survivors will definitely need a bit of work, as it seems some of the abilities tend to benefit other players more than the...
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    Resident Evil movie will get Reboot

    I'm a bit more hopeful what with his comments that it's going to be more aligned with the games and actually scary. Though I'm not 100% familiar with his work, I'm not much of a movie-goer myself. To be honest I wouldn't mind if he based it off of any RE game, not just RE1. Or an entirely new...
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    Capcom recruiting RE ambassadors to test game currently in development

    Nice! I'm pretty close by to New York, I'll try my best. A few hours drive isn't too bad.
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    Capcom recruiting RE ambassadors to test game currently in development

    As to what they could be testing, remember how they tested RE7's VR with Kitchen and no one knew what it was at the time and no footage of Kitchen was allowed at all back in E3 2015? I think. If it's RE8, then I could see them making some sort of progress with VR tech because RE7 VR needed some...
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    Capcom recruiting RE ambassadors to test game currently in development

    xD you got me with the Umbrella Corps 2. I'm thinking it's a new game but I'm unsure if it's RE8 or not, though who knows at this point? It is a bit interesting how they're recruiting RE fans to test it, you'd think they'd just hire anyone. Personally though I feel like RE3 Remake is WAY too...
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    Resident Evil series plot holes

    Yeah there's a note that's supposed to be a receipt from a store, I would assume Lucas would go out considering he got the cure from the organization and the whole family is supposed to be missing anyways.
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    Welcome Thread + Giveaway

    Hello! I started posting on other threads but I might as well throw one down here as well. I'm just your average fan, I like most of the games and the outside material especially, those always interest me along with any translations and interviews. I've mostly been quiet on the old websites...
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    Why are you a fan of...??

    My first experience with Resident Evil was RE4, so I may be somewhat biased towards it, but I also played the original RE2 after that and at the time I was very in love with Leon's character. However, as it stands now, I think he's the most inconsistent and perhaps overrated and Vendetta just...
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    Unpopular Opinions on Biohazard

    Okay, here we go with my unpopular opinions lol hold onto your horses. I'll probably only say the one that's been on my mind for a looong time, for the honeymoon period of RE2 Remake really hasn't passed yet. For me RE2 Remake was super disappointing which is probably a very surprising opinion...
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