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    RE:4 Do you want a Resident Evil 4 remake?

    Now that I think about it, that could be true. I guess maybe it's better to rely on them rather than on M-Two after what they did with RE3R. They are claiming that they want to redeem themselves but who knows if they can be trusted. RE2R did cut out and change a lot of stuff but it is closer to...
  2. comradevilla

    RE:4 Do you want a Resident Evil 4 remake?

    Well this blows dick. :/ So M-Two wanted to redeem themselves after RE3R, and now Capcom are the ones that want to fuck it up. Disappoint. Now I'm having second thoughts about this.
  3. comradevilla

    RE8 Resident Evil Showcase

    The best thing about it was knowing that the game will also be made on PS4. I can hold off on getting a PS5 for a while. :) I'm kind of upset that they didn't reveal anything about Miranda. I'm really curious about who she is, but of course, she's the main villain so she has to be kept a...
  4. comradevilla

    RE8 A teaser for a new trailer, just dropped!

    This definitely adds hype for the game, but honestly I'm more excited to see what RE4 remake will look like after watching this. Imagine what the castle is going to be like with these incredible graphics! They'll probably introduce a new virus/pathogen/parasite to go along with the Mold, or...
  5. comradevilla

    RE8 MASSIVE RE VILLAGE LEAK - Enter at your own risk

    I read somewhere that it's going to be released April 2nd. Apparently it was originally planned to be released sooner but the whole COVID thing slowed down the production process and fucked everything up. Still not sure if I'm willing to fork out so much money for a PS5, though. Looks like I'll...
  6. comradevilla

    RE8 MASSIVE RE VILLAGE LEAK - Enter at your own risk

    I suspected a lot of this. As for who the Dragon lady is... someone on reddit translated one of the cutscenes where she is speaking with Ethan (I didn't get to see this one) and he supposedly calls her an "old hag". So perhaps she is also Miranda? Regardless, it looks like she's going to be...
  7. comradevilla

    RE8 MASSIVE RE VILLAGE LEAK - Enter at your own risk

    God it sucks that these leaks were released so early; months before the game is set to come out. Now I'm dying to get my hands on it! So it looks like the dragon lady is Mrs. (or Madam?) Dmitresk and that the robe/bird lady in the "Ethan dies" cutscene is Miranda, the main villain. Looks like...
  8. comradevilla

    RE:4 Do you want a Resident Evil 4 remake?

    "Apocalypse" has "Biohazard" in front of it, so that one is probably some sort of Japanese exclusive. I'm guessing "Outrage" is the rumored battle royale style game, since it's apparently coming out in Q4 2021, which matches the September 2021 date from that one Gamespot article. "Hank" is set...
  9. comradevilla

    RE:4 Do you want a Resident Evil 4 remake?

    So apparently yesterday there were some leaks discovered of the games that Capcom will be working on and releasing over the next 4 years, and RE4 remake is one of them, along with 2 other RE games which I assume will be spin offs. Looks like it is happening after all! #daretodream ? Of course...
  10. comradevilla

    Virus Virus Analysis: Uroboros

    EDIT/UPDATE So a few days ago, I found this "timeline" created by RE Podcast that sort of explains it. Apparently, as soon as the virus comes into contact with a host, it immediately starts to dig away into the body. This is the DNA selection process. If it accepts you, then the tentacles get...
  11. comradevilla

    OT Art

    Hehe, nice! I hope that drawing will help you cope with depression!
  12. comradevilla

    Movies Resident Evil movie will get Reboot

    Interesting choices. Personally if I were to make my own RE film series from scratch, I would cast someone who resembles Charlie from original RE1. He's such an underrated Chris. ?
  13. comradevilla

    OT Games Silent Hill

    I've never really gotten into the Silent Hill series. I watched a playthrough of the first game a few weeks ago, and I was pretty impressed, even though the story was kinda confusing. It'd be nice to see it be remade, but from the looks of it that isn't going to happen anytime soon. I can only...
  14. comradevilla

    OT Art

    That's very nice! Looks like the inverted color version of a real image! What else have you got? I can't draw for shit and I'm certainly not an artist but I of course love to browse RE fan art. My favorites are the ones with the characters, though. I used to ship Metaltango (Krauser/Leon) when...
  15. comradevilla

    OT What do you think of 2020?

    It's not all bad. At least we got RE3R. Even though it was pretty disappointing. ?
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