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  1. Bulls-3ye

    Resistance Suggestion Masterminds,BOWs,and Survivors.

    Alex Wesker would be cool. I mean she is the "Overseer", and pretty much already did this to Claire and Moira. Her signature Bioweapon could be either Tyrant Neil, or Mutant Pedro.
  2. Bulls-3ye

    General The Main RE characters

    1: Claire. The most normal of all the main 4, but she's still a bad@$$!. And she has an interesting maternal side. 2: Jill. Maybe i'm biased (i love RE3) but to me she's the most relatable of the "soldiers". 3: Leon. Yeah he can be cheesy, but i got to admit he's pretty cool. Just a bit too op...
  3. Bulls-3ye

    Resistance [PR] Trailer Revealed

    Looks like Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil had a baby. Which is... awesome!.
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