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    Welcome Thread + Giveaway

    Did anybody ever win this?
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    What are some of the best movies you've ever seen in general?

    Day of the Dead, Scarface, the entire Star Wars franchise, Star Trek II, First Blood, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
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    Chronicles 3?

    A Chronicles game for the CG movies would be wonderful, with a side chapter for 4D Executer and an original section to tie all three of them together, like Frederick Downing being the one to sell Svetlana Belikova the Tyrants, and Glenn Arias as the man who experimented to create the...
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    Capcom Producer Responds to Concerns About New Resident Evil Game

    Won't "immediately" learn has already happened because this is the third time after ORC and Umbrella Corps.
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    Capcom Producer Responds to Concerns About New Resident Evil Game

    Technically, RE8 isn't even "confirmed", it's just an obvious inevitability. But the fact that there are potentially two single player installments on the way does little to change the fact that the multiplayer games in the series, bar the first Outbreak, have been failures. Why Capcom seems...
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    [PR] Trailer Revealed

    Does Capcom sincerely believe that after two failed multiplayer focused games, suddenly attempting to tie this back into Outbreak will somehow make it work?
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    [PR] Trailer Revealed

    If there's a working single player mode, I'll give it a bargain bin purchase (like I did with both ORC and Umbrella Corpse).
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    [PR] Trailer Revealed

    I'm with you there.
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    [PR] Trailer Revealed

    I don't know how I feel about this...
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    What are you playing?

    Still my favorite Uncharted, by far. 3, while still good with beautiful setpieces, takes the lowest place in my rankings.
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    Chronicles Retelling Sections Best to Worst?

    When I replace CV with Game of Oblivion, I pause in certain sections and read the files from my copy of Archives, but understand that I feel nothing is missed from losing Rodrigo. As much as he's a somewhat interesting character, he's also more or less inconsequential. He adds little to the...
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    Chronicles Retelling Sections Best to Worst?

    Dialogue aside, Game of Onlivion was just more coherent and better told than Code Veronica was. There are times when I do a series playthrough that I swap Code Veronica with Game of Oblivion, and I don't feel anything is really lost.
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    I think the original RE2 sits better than the remake. The remake doesn't add any new story tidbits and removes others.
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    Chronicles Retelling Sections Best to Worst?

    CV > RE2 > RE1 > RE0 > RE3 The RE3 section was complete trash. The second chapter used the subway when Outbreak provided us the hospital, y'know, a location RE3 actually WENT TO. Since the whole of the game recycled, I can forgive reusing Outbreak environments, but c'mon, the subway over the...
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    GhostWire: Tokyo

    I'm waiting for more info, but it looks intriguing to say the least.
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