A Soviet-made rifle that excels in rapid fire. Uses 7.62mm rounds and features superb attack power. It is very handy in situations in which you are confronted by multiple enemies.

Ammo: 7.62mm Assault Rifle ammo


Calico M-100P

These semi-automatic guns allow for rapid fire and are effective against enemies in all directions. They deal a great amount of damage and use handgun ammo.

Ammo: Handgun Ammo

Grenade Launcher (M79)

A launcher that fires 40mm Grenade, Acid, Flame, and Anti-B.O.W. Gas Rounds. Has a three round capacity, but each round inflicts fatal damage.

Ammo: Grenade rounds, Acid rounds, Flame Grenades, Anti-B.O.W. Gas Rounds


Golden Lugers

A pair of golden Handguns which feature much greater power than the Sub-Machine Gun, they can decapitate zombies with ease. They’re used in the main game only as a door key, but act as Steve’s main weapons in the battle game.

Ammo: Handgun Ammo

Combat Knife

A short, close-quarters blade that has low attack power. Also used as a key item to get Claire out of a rather “sticky” situation.

Ammo: n/a


Sub-Machine Gun (Ingram)

A pair of .38 caliber sun-machine guns that use DOT 380 bullets. They have an extreme rate of fire, but leave the wielder wide open to attack afterwards. Also, these guns cannot be reloaded, so ammo must be used wisely.

Ammo: DOT 380 Bullets

Shotgun (SPAS12)

A military grade shotgun that boasts great firing capability. It fires shots in a wide burst and does incredible damage at point-blank range. Chris is more vulnerable to attack than Claire when wielding the shotgun.

Ammo: 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells


Sniper Rifle (MR7)

This specialty rifle was used by Alfred Ashford at the island. It is also used to fight Nosferatu. It features pinpoint accuracy via the attached scope. It comes with seven shots and cannot be reloaded.

Ammo: Sniper Rifle Ammo

Handgun (M93R)

This Italian-made Handgun has a quick firing rate and is great or short-range fire. However, the weapon has a relatively low attack power and deals little damage from a distance.

Ammo: Handgun Ammo



The Glock is created by combining various parts at the Training Grounds. It features a capacity of 18 shots but is rather weak. However, the Glock 17 can be improved even further. The second version keeps the 18 shot capacity but gains the ability to deliver a critical shot that rivals the power of a magnum blast.

Ammo: Handgun Ammo

Bowgun (Crossbow Handgun)

This hunting weapon fires regular bowgun arrows and deadly explosive arrows. Careful aim is required to use this crossbow effectively. Chris is able to use this weapon with great efficiency.

Ammo: Bowgun arrows, Explosive arrows


Magnum (Colt Python)

A weapon with absolutely massive firepower, a single round can pass through two or more enemies. It has a 6 shot capacity and ammo is rather sparse. While it loses its power as the target moves further away, at point-blank range it becomes the death incarnate.

Ammo: .357 Magnum Rounds

Linear Launcher

This weapon fires an infinite amount of shells. Because the shots travel so slowly, aiming becomes crucial and the slightest miscalculation can mean a misfire. The resulting blast is devastating; the target is reduced to dust. Chris used the launcher on Alexia and destroyed her.

Ammo: Hydrogen Plasma Projectiles