The standard issue weapon for Leon. Itís a low powered 9mm handgun with no big advantages. Wesker also uses this weapon in Mercenaries, his has an additional silencer.

Ammo: Handgun Ammo



A 9mm handgun with superior handling. It is the most steady and quickest to reload of all the handguns.

Ammo: Handgun Ammo


This gun allows bullets to pass through multiple enemies. It's great for when there are many enemies charging. The drawback is that itís the least powerful handgun out of the bunch. You obtain this weapon for free by shooting the blue medallions for the Merchant.

Ammo: Handgun Ammo



A more powerful gun than the standard handgun, but it only holds eight shots and is slower to reload. All though after upgrading it is the most powerful handgun available. It's also possible to buy a stock for this gun to steady the aim. Luis also uses this weapon.

Ammo: Handgun Ammo


The standard shotgun found in a village house at the start of the game. It has great stopping power and is able to bring down nearly any enemy. This pump action shotgun is slow to reload and hard to handle.

Ammo: Shotgun Shells


Riot Gun

This shotgun is easier to handle than the standard shotgun, and allows for faster aiming and reloading. The shots are more focused, though it takes away from the wide range of the normal shotgun. It can be purchased once you arrive at the castle.

Ammo: Shotgun Shells


This automatic shotgun is easily the best shotgun in the game. There is no need for pump action between shots and it can hold up to 100 shells when fully upgraded. Itís the most powerful shotgun in the game.

Ammo: Shotgun Shells


Broken Butterfly

A .45 caliber magnum that can be purchased or found in the castle. Like the Merchant says, its not just about power, itís also about reloading. While this magnum is powerful, the amount of time it takes to reload leaves you vulnerable to enemies attacks.

Ammo: Magnum Bullets


A semi-automatic .45 caliber magnum. It has all the power of the magnum with the reload speed of a handgun, the best of both worlds.

Ammo: Magnum Bullets



This WWII style .225 caliber bolt-action rifle is the first rifle Leon can purchase. It comes with a scope and can be upgraded. The fire and reload speed of the rifle is slow, but it's all that is available to fight from a long distance in the beginning of the game.

Ammo: Rifle Ammo


This fully automatic sub-machine gun pistol can fire 9mm rounds at extremely fast speeds. While not very powerful, this weapon is great to use on crowds of enemies, specifically targeting their feet to knock them to the floor. You can add a stock to decrease recoil.

Ammo: TMP Ammo


Mine Thrower

A powerful weapon capable of firing mines. These mines attach itself to a target or wall and blows up everything near it. Great for crowds but ammo is very limited.

Ammo: Mines

Rocket Launcher

A super weapon that can be purchased from the Merchant. The rocket launcher can kill almost everything in one shot and one shot is all that is given.

Ammo: One use only, Rockets


Hand Grenade

A grenade that has a large blast radius.

Ammo: n/a

Incendiary Grenade

This grenade explodes on impact and releases a large pillar of flames. Anything near it will catch fire.

Ammo: n/a


Flash Grenade

 grenade that emits a large flash of light. One flash can stun all enemies in an area, making it a great escape tool. It can also instant kill any Plagas.

Ammo: n/a


A secret gun available once the game has been beaten. This gun is a VP70 handgun, the same weapon Leon used in RE2. It comes with a stock and fires in bursts.

Ammo: Handgun Ammo


Chicago Typewritter

The weapon is modeled after the Tommy gun. Itís a fully automatic machine gun that is extremely powerful. This gun becomes available after completing Assignment Ada.

Ammo: Infinite Ammo


The ultimate weapon; the power of a rocket launcher in a handgun. The gun is unlocked when getting a 5 star ranking in every level of Mercenaries with each character. It can be upgraded to include infinite ammo

Ammo: Magnum Bullets


Infinite Launcher

Just like the standard rocket launcher, but infinite. It can kill anything in one shot,  but its slow to fire. It is unlocked after you defeat the game.

Ammo: Infinite, Rockets