STI Eagle 6.0

A custom handgun made with a titanium alloy. This gun is excellent for rapid-fire and scores many critical shots, but it is as weak as a normal handgun. Acquire the pieces by fighting off the Nemesis a few times.

Contents: Eagle Parts A, Eagle Parts B


Western Custom M37

A custom made sawed-off shotgun. The bottom of the short barrel contains a tube magazine. It can only hold regular shells but it has the firing speed of a handgun. Acquire the pieces by fighting off the Nemesis a few times.

Contents: M37 Parts A, M37 Parts B

Gatling Gun

A heavy weapon normally designed for helicopters, this version has been scaled down for personal use. It can fire hundreds of shots a minute. This version is based on a 7.62 mm Gatling Gun. You can acquire the Gatling Gun from the Mercenaries mini-game.

Ammo: Infinite Ammo



An automatic shotgun, its shots can cover a wide range. This version can use upgraded shells which increase its attack power but the recoil is greater.

Ammo: Shotgun Shells


A dagger knife made for self defense. It is dangerous to use since you must be at close range, but the blade will never break. It's great when you need to conserve ammo.

Ammo: n/a


M92F Custom Handgun

The standard issue Beretta M92 for STARS members. Its stopping power is weak but when used with reinforced bullets it gains a huge boost in power.

Ammo: Handgun Rounds

Mine Thrower

A weapon created by Umbrella. It can fire mines which attach itself to the target and explode a few seconds later. It can also be used to place mines on walls to ambush enemies.

Ammo: Mines


S&W M629C

A .44 caliber revolver made from stainless steel. It can kill most enemies with one shot.

Ammo: Magnum Rounds

Grenade Launcher

A weapon used by the police to stop riots. It can use four types of ammo, each are very powerful.

Ammo: Flame Rounds, Grenade Rounds, Acid Rounds, Ice Rounds


M4A1 Assault Rifle

Carlos’ main weapon and the standard weapon of the U.B.C.S. The rifle can fire at extreme speeds and is great to mow down hordes of enemies. The only drawback is that ammo depletes rather quickly.

Ammo: Assault Rifle Magazine

Rocket Launcher

A portable military rocket launcher. It’s a powerful weapon that can kill almost all enemies in a single shot. It can hold up to four 66mm napalm shells. It can be purchased in the Mercenaries mini-game.

Ammo: Infinite Ammo