A flamethrower developed by Umbrella. It can be found in the underground Umbrella lab. It was created from a variety of parts from different guns but it still works efficiently and is great against plants.

Ammo: One time use only


Remington M1 100-P Custom

A normal shotgun upgraded to a full-size semi-automatic. It's attack power is doubled and it can now hold seven shots. But its huge size and recoil makes it harder to handle.

Contents: Shotgun, Shotgun Parts

H&K VP70 Burst

A handgun that has been customized with parts. It now has a stock holder that allows it to fire up to three-shot bursts. The power has also been increased.

Contents: H&K VP70, Handgun Parts


Desert Eagle 50 AE 10 inch

A customized magnum. The accuracy and power is improved by 20%. The recoil makes the shot speed more like a shotgun, though.

Contents: Magnum, Magnum Parts

M79 Grenade Launcher

To make this launcher easier to handle the rifle stock has been customized to a grip type. Itís a smaller version than the grenade launcher found in the mansion, but it has the same attack power.

Ammo: Grenade Rounds, Acid Rounds, Flame Rounds


Combat Knife

A custom made knife for the military. It is dangerous to use since you must be at close range, but the blade will never break. It's great when you need to conserve ammo.

Ammo: n/a


A .38 caliber sub-machine gun. It has a heat suppressor on the barrel which allows it to fire for long stretches. It holds nearly 400 shots a clip.

Ammo: DOT 380 Rounds


Remington M1 100-P

A 12-guage shotgun that has been reduced in size and given a grip. It's attack power has been reduced but it's easier to handle.

Ammo: Shotgun Shells

Spark Shot

A high-voltage gun created by Umbrella. It was designed to be used as a way to keep the animals in experiments under control by giving them an electric shock. Upon contact the weapon discharges an electrode into the target and then surges them with electricity. Its length makes it useful at long range as well.

Ammo: Electricity


Bow Gun

A modern version of the classic weapon. This bow gun can fire three bolts with one shot. It is made with high quality lightweight material, which gives it great portability.

Ammo: Bow Gun Arrows

H&K VP70

A German handgun used by Leon. The frame is made with a special resin and it fires 9mm parabellum bullets. Can be upgraded later in the game.

Ammo: Handgun Ammo.


Colt S.A.A.

Some call it the best gun ever created; the Single Action Army is a revolver with incredible accuracy. It only holds six shots, so itís best used for quick draw shootouts.

Ammo: Handun Rounds

Gatling Gun

A heavy weapon normally designed for helicopters, this version has been scaled down for personal use. It can fire hundreds of shots a minute. This is a secret gun only obtained when beating the second quest with an A or higher and under 2:30 time.

Ammo: Infinite


Rocket Launcher

Heavy weaponry capable of killing most enemies with one shot. It fires 81mm HE rounds but only has two slots for rockets. This model is also known as the Stinger. The hidden version of this gun includes infinite ammo.

Ammo: Rockets