Terrasave is an non government affiliated human rights organisation campaigning for victims of bio-terrorism. It was formed following the Raccoon City disaster of 1998.

Claire Redfield joined the organisation following her experiences both in Raccoon City and later Rockfort Island.

Curtis Miller was also a member after he had lost both his wife and child in Raccoon City.

This group came to the forefront in 2005 when they obtained photographic proof of Wilpharma's clinical tests with the T-Virus in India. These photos were published on the internet and created a worldwide stir. They appealed to the US Government to crack down on Wilpharma, as they had earlier done on Umbrella Inc. But if they delayed in taking any action, they planned to get help from the Supreme International Court.

They also held regular demonstrations outside Wilpharma's new state of the art research facility that was opened in Harvardsville. Curtis Miller took his protesting a bit too far and was arrested, prompting Terrasave to dissolve all association with him.

Things came to a head on October 23rd 2005 when a demonstration was held outside Harvardville Airport to coincide with the impending arrival of Senator Ron Davis, a major shareholder in Wilpharma stock. A T-Virus outbreak was triggered by corrupt researcher, Fredrick Downing, infecting the entire airport. Despite Terrasave's honourable intentions, their actions outside inadvertently delayed the arrival of the T-Virus vaccine via Wilpharma trucks.

Following the incident, Terrasave scored a major victory when it was revealed that General Grande, the leader of the Republic of Bajirib who was to originally receive the T-Virus from Downing, took part in a Central Asian disarmament project. The damage done to Wilpharma was also beyond repair and their days as a national pharmaceutical enterprise were limited. They followed up their work by demonstrating at the National Medicine Conference in November.


CLAIRE REDFIELD: -Younger sister of Chris Redfield. Following her experience on Rockfort Island, she chose the role of protector over fighter and joined peaceful organisation, Terrasave.