The retro building that serves as headquarters for the city's police force was originally an art museum. It closed down in the late eighties and was purchased cheaply by the RPD for use as a police station due to its centralised location and ample parking structure. Chief Irons was said to be the mediator of the deal and many of the officers working under him believe this was due to his fierce passion for art. Indeed, many art pieces from the building's time as a museum still remain on display throughout the precinct. Although the building became operational not long after being bought out, it was not until as late as 1997 that all final rennovation work was completed. Much of this later rennovation work was subtle, not affecting the day to day work of the officers as a majority of it were secret extensions designed and installed by Umbrella once they had Chief Irons firmly on their payroll. The most notable of these extensions was a secret room built just underneath Irons' private office. This room provided access to the underground sewer network, which in turn led to Umbrella's main underground laboratory where William Birkin was stationed. Irons held regular meetings with Birkin and so this was the route he would take ensuring no one else in the precinct became wise to his activities.

There was also a more public access to the sewers through the kennels past the cell block. It was connected to the scrapyard at the rear of the station and the entrance was watched over by one of the workers there named Thomas. Thomas was fond of chess and went so far as to design a special lock and key for the door made up of chess pieces. He had regular contact with David, the Night Watchman of the RPD and the two would often meet up to play chess together.


Situated on Ennerdale St in uptown Raccoon City, the RPD is made up of two main floors, with a basement and a third floor balcony leading to a bell tower. The main entrance hall is a grand space and used to be the main exhibition hall for the museum.To recognise this, beyond a RPD emblem emblazoned on the marble floor, a statue of a water goddess takes precedent over the room. This statue contains a trick lock which opens up a small ventilation space leading to the outside. When the building was a museum this shaft was used by employees to transport art pieces in and out of the building.

The western wing of the ground floor holds a small waiting room and reception desk, a file storage room, a strategy meeting room with storeroom at the back, a darkroom, an evidence storehouse and finally the western office where Leon S. Kennedy was to be based upon starting his new job. There are also a number of connecting corridors, some of which have an electronic shutter mechanism for added security.

The ground floor east wing contains the eastern office and includes desks for Officers Kevin Ryman and Jean. The corridor that runs past the eastern office leads down towards two interrogation rooms and the press room. The eastern office room also contains a closed off detective's office and contains a storage safe that used to be situated in the S.T.A.R.S. office upstairs.

A small corridor past the eastern office leads to an emergency exterior stairwell to the second floor and a corridor that runs past the Night Watchman's room. This small office houses a set of bunk beds for officers on night duty as well as doubling as a locker room for some of the regular officers. Kevin Ryman's locker is located here. It is likely the Night Watchmen keep hold of the Joker Key, which allows access to every room in the precinct. Outside this room a set of stairs leads down to the basement level.

The basement contains an emergency exit to the extreme left, an autopsy room, power room, and weapons storage which requires an electronic key card for to gain access. Past that, the main underground carpark leads to the kennels and holding cells.
On the second floor of the building, the western wing contains the S.T.A.R.S. office running under the jurisdiction of Captain Albert Wesker. There is also a janitor's work space and the library. The library is the only way to access the third floor balcony overlooking the main hall. This small walkway leads to the bell tower, which is strictly off-limits thanks to Chief Irons, though the Night Watchman has been known to slip in there on occassion for a crafty drink and a smoke. Inside the bell tower is an old dust shoot which leads back down to the holding cells on the basement level.

The second floor east wing houses the secretary's office, an old storage room which contains old works of art and the office of Chief Irons. There is also a corridor leading down to the helipad.

Units and Departments:

The RPD have their own aerial unit and employ a AS350B Eurocopter. This is occassionally borrowed by the S.T.A.R.S. teams {as evidenced by their team photo} even though they have two Bell UH-1's specifically for their unit.

The S.T.A.R.S. unit was founded in 1996 and ran for two years before being disbanded by Chief Irons following the disasterous mansion incident. In their place was the RPD Select; a team of hand-picked officers very similar to a SWAT team who were trained in combat tactics and hostage negotiation. Unlike S.T.A.R.S. where their uniform, weapons and equipment were all customised thanks to being part-privately funded, the Select Force had standard uniform and standard weaponry; Kevlar body armour, combat boots and ballistic helmets with MP5 machine gun, shotguns and standard sidearms.

The RPD also had a K-9 unit which was under the command of Officer Tony, the dog-handler. They have two prized dobermans named Rocket and JoJo. Tony often took them out on visits to the Raccoon City elementary school.

Vehicles and Weapons:

RPD officers drove Ford Crown Police Interceptors {pre-1998 model} whilst out and about on patrol. The squad cars are also equipped with a Mossberg 500 special purpose shotgun.

The official sidearm of the RPD is the Beretta 92FS although officers are allowed to carry their own personal weapons as evidenced by Barry Burton's Colt Python, Kevin Rymans Colt M1911A1 and Leon Kennedy's H&K VP70. There are also several heavier weapons, all stored in the armoury in the basement.

Key Personnel:

BRIAN IRONS: - Police Chief and secretly in the pocket of Umbrella - Killed by the G-Mutant in his own torture room.
RAYMOND DOUGLAS: - Deputy Police Chief. Partnered with Arthur when the outbreak got out of control. Raymond was in charge of evacuating civillians from key areas in the city. He assisted several people before being overcome by zombies in an alleyway close to the rear of J's bar.
MARVIN BRANAGH: - Leon's new boss and a highly respected officer. Marvin led the 'Desperate Times' rescue operation and was badly injured. He briefly met Claire Redfield before becoming a zombie on September 29th.
KEVIN RYMAN: - A highly competent officer. He was due to help train the new recruits {including Leon} alongside Rita. He has also applied to be a S.T.A.R.S. member, but failed the selection process twice.
LEON S. KENNEDY: - A rookie cop who arrives in Raccoon City late on his first day on the job only to find zombies everywhere. One of the few survivors of the incident.
KEVIN DOOLY: - Pilot for the RPD. Was called in to aid the S.T.A.R.S. teams on several occassions. He was killed in Raccoon Forest by cerberus dogs during the mansion incident.
RITA: - Blonde-haired policewoman who played a major role in evacuating survivors from the RPD just prior to the events of RE3. She was also a trainer of new recruits. It is unknown whether she made it out of Raccoon City alive or not.
ARTHUR: - Arthur was teamed up with Raymond on the night of the outbreak. He was using a tannoy to help round up and evacuate the civillians. He was killed outside of J's bar.
DORIAN: - Another officer helping to evacuate the citizens. He was driving around in a SWAT van, picking up survivors outside the Apple Inn and escorting them to safety.
AARON: - Kevin Ryman's role model and self-confessed 'hero'. Aaron first appeared in the epilogue to 'Outbreak' where he is shown assisting with cleaning up the mess after the bomb has been detonated in the town square. He later turns up at the RPD during 'Desperate Times' and takes up a position on the emergency stairwell trying to help the survivors but he is eventually overrun and killed by the zombies.
DAVID: - An officer holed up in the western wing barricade of the station. He eventually commits suicide by taking his shotgun to his own head.
ERIC: - A rookie officer assisting Harry and Elliot in assembling a bomb in the town square. Eventually the barricade he is securing gives way and he is killed by the zombie hordes.
HARRY: - Teamed up with Elliot and Eric with the town square bomb. He loses his nerve and cannot save Elliot and Eric from being killed when the zombies break through the barricade. He redeems himself however when he assists Rita in evacuating RPD survivors during 'Desperate Times'. His fate is unknown.
ELLIOT: - Killed by zombies whilst bravely trying to save his partner Eric during the events of 'Outbreak'.
ED: - An officer shot to death by Chief Irons in the RPD building.
R LAMBERT: - RPD officer who photographs a zombie attack outside the Arukas Tailor shop.
DAVID FORD: - Holded up in the western wing of the RPD. Ford is the authour of the first two opertion reports. He is amongst those who witness the first appearance of the Licker. He is eventually killed by zombies in the operation room.
ELLIOT EDWARD: - Following the death of David Ford, Edward took over the writing of the operation reports. After the events of 'Desperate Times' but before Jill arrives in RE3, Elliot and three other officers attempt to leave the station via the sewers. It is presumed they all died, though their bodies are never found.
FRED: - Survivng RPD officer who tries to secure the roof of the RPD during 'Desperate Times'. He is eventually overcome and killed.
JEAN: - Close colleague of Kevin Ryman. Early on in the conflict, Jean went to the Raccoon Underground to look for survivors. Jean was consumed by darkness and eventually committed suicide. Jean's body was later found by Jim Chapman.
GEORGE SCOTT: - An officer schedueled for night duty on September 27th.
MEYER: - One of the RPD's better marksmen, he was fighting alongside David and saved his life, yet when the time came to repay the favour, David ran and Meyer was torn apart by the zombies.
NEIL CARSLEN: - An officer out on routine patrol on Sep 20th where he witnesses a member of Hunk's team gathering intelligence on the area.
ELRAN: - A junior officer with the Boys Crime Department. In early August he was assaulted by Chris Redfield after he accidentally spilled some coffee over him.
UNNAMED OFFICER 1: - Survivor who makes it to the roof of the RPD to await a rescue helicopter. He is killed by zombies on the roof.
UNNAMED OFFICER 2: - Pilot of the chopper who is accidentally shot and crashes into the RPD building.
UNNAMED OFFICER 3: - Dying cop found on the roof of the hospital during 'The Hive'. He went there to meet a rescue helicopter but was too late. He has a wife Maggie, and a daughter, Rachel.