The Organisation is a clandestine rival to Umbrella. Confirmed by Wesker’s own report to be a pharmaceutical enterprise this shadowy corporation has also been referred to as ‘The Agency’. The overall goal of the company is unknown yet they do have intentions to procure all sorts of biological and viral weaponry.

The Organisation keeps its cards very close to its chest and nothing about its hierarchy is known. At the time of writing the only confirmed known members were Albert Wesker and Ada Wong, though Ada has been in their employment longer than Wesker. Jack Krauser may also have been a member but it is more likely that he was just working directly for Wesker.

The Organisation first came into play in 1998 when Albert Wesker approached them with aspirations about leaving Umbrella and joining their ranks. He likely provided much intelligence about Umbrella’s B.O.W. programme and this led to The Organisation sending Ada Wong to infiltrate the Spencer Mansion. Ada successfully achieved this by forming a romantic relationship with Chief Researcher Jon Faye. This led to her gaining access to all levels of the facility. It was there that Jon told her about the highly classified G-Virus, a project that was still under development. However, all of the G-Virus research was being carried out at the underground lab back at Raccoon City so there was little they could do about that for now. Instead, they focused on the T-Virus and after Ada made regular reports back to them, they told Wesker that in order for him to join, he had to provide them with actual combat data on the Tyrant 002.

However, thanks to the separate efforts of surviving S.T.A.R.S. members and Umbrella officer Sergei Vladimir, he was unsuccessful with this mission. He did however, recover combat data and sample embryos for several other B.O.W.s including the MA-121 Hunter. Luckily for him it would seem, The Organisation still accepted him into their ranks.

Using the combat data he had provided, The Organisation was able to get their own research teams to comb through Umbrella’s work, creating an improved version of the MA-121 Hunter named Hunter II and the poisonous Sweeper variant.

Wesker was partnered up with Ada Wong after having previously sent her a detailed report about his own time at Umbrella and the T-Virus research history. It also contained the origins of the G-Virus. The Organisation decided they wanted a sample of the G-Virus and because of Wesker’s connections with the chief developer, William Birkin, he and Ada were placed in charge of the retrieval. Because he had officially been reported as dead, Wesker decided to remain behind the scenes for the operation, with Ada being sent into the field alone.

The perfect opportunity arose for The Organisation when the biological disaster hit Raccoon City in late September. Ada infiltrated the ruined city and set out to locate freelance reporter Ben Bertolucci, whom she knew had information about the G-Virus.

During her mission she met several survivors, including Leon S. Kennedy and it was her growing relationship with him that threatened the success of the mission and angered Wesker. In order to get rid of Leon without harming him, she had to fake her own death in the underground laboratory.

With Leon gone, Ada managed to retrieve the G-Virus by collecting a tissue sample from Birkin’s corpse after he had been destroyed by Claire Redfield. She then went to meet another employee of ‘The Organisation’ at the Apple Inn only to find he had committed suicide. Wesker contacted her instead via video link and after seeing she had the sample, relayed instructions on how to escape the doomed city before its destruction.

The mission was a success.

A month or so after Raccoon City, word came in from a spy that had been planted on Rockford Island that Alexia Ashford was still alive and that the T-Veronica virus had not been a massive failure as had previously been documented. This spy had likely been planted after Wesker had explained in great detail Umbrella’s global activities when he had first joined The Organisation after the mansion incident.

Again, The Organisation decided they wanted a sample and wanted Alexia Ashford captured alive, but this time Wesker himself decided to step into the field, deciding that he had remained in the shadows long enough. Using funds provided by The Organisation, he amassed a small private military band entitled Host Capture Force and in late December, they attacked the island. Wesker also brought along the new Hunter B.O.W.s that had previously been developed by The Organisation following data given to them by Wesker.

Using stealth bombers, they blitzed the island, releasing the T-Virus. HCF ground troops also mobilised but many of them were infected following the outbreak.

Wesker himself sent progress reports back to The Organisation from Rockfort. He soon learned that Alexia wasn’t on the island and she was in fact located inside the Ashford Transport Terminal in the Antarctic.

Wesker travelled to the Antarctic and confronted Alexia. However, she was more powerful than he thought and had to retreat. He later came across the body of Steve Burnside who had also been infected with T-Veronica. Wesker had his men take Steve’s body away for further testing. Now that he had Steve, Alexia was of no use to him and so after facing off against old rival Chris Redfield, he left the base via submarine and reported back to The Organisation – the mission once again successful.

Over the next few years, The Organisation used the T-Veronica virus to create a B.O.W., which they named Jabberwock S3, a large creature that bore a resemblance to both the Steve monster and Nosferatu. They also worked on creating a successor to the Hunter, which they named ‘Anubis’ after the Greek God of death.

In 2002 Wesker sold both these B.O.W.s to South American drug lord Javier Hidalgo. Whether The Organisation had any knowledge of this is unclear. Though they may have authorised the sale so combat data could be collected.

In 2003, The Organisation received intelligence that Umbrella, who by this point was in deep decline, may be hiding a secret storage hanger somewhere near a small village in the Russian Caucasus. More intel was soon collected about the local residents being attacked by a strange creature. Suspecting B.O.W. involvement, Wesker was dispatched once more to check the place out.

It turned out that Umbrella did indeed have a storage hanger housed underneath a huge grain silo, and that many of the village residents worked for them. However, the hanger was destroyed after an explosion caused the floor to cave in and destroy all the Hunter Delta specimens being stored there.

Wesker however, discovered the co-ordinates of Umbrella’s final base; a chemical plant located no more than three miles away. Without informing The Organisation, he launched a one-man assault on the base, caused a biohazard and escaped with all of Umbrella’s archival data downloaded onto a disc.

Instead of supplying this disc for The Organisation, Wesker decided to keep the contents for himself and made ties with yet another pharmaceutical corporation – Tricell. However, he couldn’t make any concrete deals with them until he severed all ties from The Organisation.

However, The Organisation soon became suspicious of his activities and knew that he had made discreet enquiries with Tricell. Wesker was also working alongside a new alley, an ex- US SOCOM agent called Jack Krauser. They opened a file on him and studied his background extensively.

In 2004, The Organisation intercepted an e-mail sent by a Spanish researcher named Luis Sera. This led to their knowledge of the Las Plagas parasites that had been revived by the Los Illuminados. After gathering Intel, they discovered that several types of plaga existed, all of which could be rendered under the control of the master control plaga. The Organisation deployed Wesker and Ada to gather a master control plaga sample – However, this mission would also hold a hidden agenda; testing Wesker’s loyalty to them.

Ada was once again the field agent, with Wesker once again co-ordinating from behind the scenes. However, Ada was given secret instructions before she left on her mission – instructions that if carried out correctly would indefinitely prove her loyalty to The Organisation.

Ada arrived at the destination in Southern Europe and again encountered Leon S. Kennedy, who was now an agent of the US Government. After evading orders to kill Leon, Ada later killed Jack Krauser – the operative who was fiercely loyal to Wesker and finally retrieved the control plaga sample after Leon Kennedy had killed cult leader Osmund Saddler.

This was where Ada’s secret orders came into play, she sent the real control plaga sample back to The Organisation and sent Wesker a modified subordinate version – one that possessed traits of the master sample, yet was devoid of the power to control other parasites. Wesker would never know he had been betrayed from the inside and by the time he would find out, it would be too late.

The Organisation waited for Wesker to get in touch and deliver the sample – which he never did, thus proving to The Organisation that he had always been planning to betray them.

Wesker instead gave the modified subordinate plaga to Tricell, who began their own research into it.

The Organisation remain the only company to have a real control plaga specimen. The power of this sample could have the potential to change the world.

Key Member:

ADA WONG: -Mysterious agent of American-Asian origin. Was present during the Raccoon City incident and Southern Europe incident. Her current whereabouts remain unknown.