The Los Illuminados were a religious group that originated in Southern Europe. Over 100 years ago they discovered an ancient parasite that seemed indigenous to that area. This parasite had the ability to take over and manipulate its host – including humans. This parasite was called Las Plagas.

It is believed the cult were practitioners of the dark arts and that with this parasite they know were in possession of a weapon that could bring great power. Their beliefs were centred upon using Las Plagas to create an army of drones that would be under their control. The leader would be implanted with the master control plaga, which would enable him complete control of all subordinates who were implanted with a subordinate plaga.

However, a noble family had just taken over residence of a huge castle in the area and learned of the Los Illuminados and their plans. The first Castellan of the Salazar family was a good man who taught paganism to the local inhabitants surrounding his estate. Wanting to protect the people of the local village, Castellan Salazar apprehended the leaders of Los Illuminados and seized the Control Plaga. It is speculated that the control plaga was used to gather all subordinate versions and they were sealed away in the foundations beneath the castle where it was hoped they would expire.

Without their power source, the Los Illuminados gradually began to lose their influence upon the region and faded out of existence.

Nothing was heard from them again until many years later when new cult member Osmund Saddler approached Salazar castle to speak with the new Castellan; 20-year old Ramon Salazar who was the 8th generation leader of his family. He attempted to convince him to undo the seal of Las Plagas by influencing him with beliefs he was doing it for good as well as manipulating him by promising him power and influence.
Ramon in his ignorance was completely taken in by this and he employed people from the local village to help excavate the foundations beneath the castle. When the Plagas were uncovered it was found that they had apparently expired and become fossilised within the rocks. However, the plagas were lying dormant and were essentially hibernating. In this state they emitted microscopic spores that were inhaled by the villagers.

Saddler also got the villagers to construct a primitive research facility and factory on a nearby island that he planned to further experiment on the parasites.

Several years later, the parasites that had been inhaled via the spores became active within the villagers and one by one they all fell victim to Las Plagas, becoming essentially ‘cattle’. As the villagers grew more frightened, one of Saddler’s men was Bitorez Mendez; an imposing giant of a man who was also the village chief whom commanded respect from all of the residents there. He held regular sermons at the village church to attempt to slowly manipulate the innocent masses into the teachings of Los Illuminados.

With the first specimens now available and the research facility completed, the Los Illuminados began experimenting, creating several B.O.W.s with the plagas including the Regenerator, Del Lago and U-3.

Osmund Saddler himself took the master control plaga into his body, a special modified subordinate plaga was created which held traits of the control plaga such as host mutation and increased agility. These special plagas were given to Saddler’s subordinates which included Bitorez Mendez, Ramon Salazar and later Jack Krauser.

Saddler himself visited the village to preach to the villagers and so one by one they all lined up to receive the parasite; their army was almost complete. Mercenary teams were then hired to protect Saddler’s island, all of whom were infected also. The island also housed a warship that Saddler planned to load with Ganado and invade the US once the timing was right.

Saddler also recruited researcher Luis Sera. Sera realised how dangerous the plagas were and wanted no part of Saddler's plan, yet his pure facination with the properties and potential of the parasite meant that he was blind to Saddler's true intentions until it was too late.

The ultimate aim of the Los Illuminados was to first take over the United States and then the world. This plan would involve kidnapping the US President’s daughter and implanting her with a plaga. After negotiating a large ransom for her safe return {said ransom would fund later research} she would be sent back to the US where the plaga inside her would spread. They would then take over the minds of those close to the President and influence key decisions.

Jack Krauser, an agent of ‘The Organisation’ and who was working under the direct orders of Albert Wesker, was sent to infiltrate Los Illuminados and bought his way into the cult by kidnapping Ashley Graham for Osmund Saddler. However, despite this act of good faith, Saddler didn't trust Krauser and never fully let him in on his plans, meaning Krauser was left frustrated and eventually had to call in Ada Wong for help.

With their plan almost ready, the Illuminados received reports that a US Government Agent had been dispatched to the area to investigate sightings of Ashley. Photos of Leon were put up in the publelo and the brainwashed villagers were ordered to kill him on sight.

Leon was successful in his mission and he eventually killed Osmund Saddler and the control plaga that was within him was destroyed. The island facility was also destroyed and although no one knows what became of the Los Illuminados, it is likely that without a solid leader they have now disbanded.


OSMUND SADDLER: - Cult leader and possessor of the control plaga.
RAMON SALAZAR: -Castellan and man responsible for reviving Las Plagas
BITOREZ MENDEZ: -Village chief and priest.