The Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance or B.S.A.A. has its roots in the fall of Umbrella and annihilation of Raccoon City.

Following the initial outbreak in Raccoon City, Umbrella was hammered with multiple lawsuits. These lawsuits and subsequent investigations, sent a ripple effect through the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium, in part because Umbrella was an executive board member. The Global Pharmaceutical Consortium became the subject of intense worldwide distrust once biological weapons began to leak onto the black market. Bankruptcy loomed for several medical companies and the pharmaceutical industry was in danger of a disasterous crash for the first time in decades.

Bio-Terror Police:

More fallout from Umbrella loomed all over the world. B.O.W.s began to appear on the black market, resulting in terrorists, guerillas and corrupt governments gaining access to deadly biological weapons. In response, the B.S.A.A. was formed. Whilst originally a civillian-led organisation, the United Nations quickly took them under their wing and gave them the ability to investigate, operate and use force in their fight against bioterrorism.
B.S.A.A. Headquarters is located in England, and there are branches in the Middle East, North America, South America, West Africa, East Africa, Oceania and the Far East. There are teams stationed in each branch that must be ready to deploy at a moment's notice in defence of their designated service area.


There are two two kinds of deployment teams within each B.S.A.A. branch. The Special Operations Unit {SOU}, are generally comprised of twelve members seperated into three four man cells. SOU are legally allowed to infiltrate an area, engage in combat and subdue offenders. Its modular nature allows cells to be added or subtracted, as the mission requires. The other deployment team is the Speical Operations Agents, or {SOA}. Rather than being a true team, the SOA work in pairs on the field and are referred to as 'Agents'. They are primarily involved in investigations and espionage activities, and can be considered the eyes and ears of the B.S.A.A. In situations where sending in an entire team is not feasible, the SOA are called. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are two of the 'Original Eleven' and Special Operations Agents.

The founding members are known as the 'Original Eleven', a highly-respected subset of the B.S.A.A. Many members of the original eleven work alongside the tactical teams.
While the B.S.A.A. is controlled by the U.N., much of its funding comes from the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium via the alliance.

The B.S.A.A. was originally formed by the original eleven in 2003 following Umbrella's demise.

Key members:

CHRIS REDFIELD: -One of the original 11 founding members. Full Level 10 access.
JILL VALENTINE: -One of the original 11 founding members. Full Level 10 access.
SHEVA ALOMAR: -West African agent. Parents were killed in Umbrella accident.
REYNARD FISHER: -Undercover agent in Kijuju. Confirmed Irving's presence in the area.
DAN DECHANT: -West African agent. Captain of Alpha Team, killed by Uroboros creature.
KIRK MATHISON: -West African agent. Helicopter pilot. Killed by Kipepo.
DAVE JOHNSON: -West African agent. Killed by Ndesu BOW.
JOSH STONE: -West African agent. Captain of Bravo Team. Kijuju mission survivor.