TGS 2017 Biohazard Information Blowout


Capcom has announced Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Gold Edition, which contains all previously released and future DLC for the game. One of those is called End of Zoe, a completely new side story set after the events in the main game. Not A Hero, the free DLC featuring Chirs Redfield, will still be needed to be downloaded for all editions of the game.

The price has been revealed to be $49.99 for both digital and retail versions, and it's set to release at December 12th in the US.

You can watch the announcement trailer here.

In other news, the Resident Evil Revelations Switch collection will be released on November 28th. The Switch versions contain a number of changes to both games, which you can see them all here. Revelations 2 needs to be downloaded in all verisons.

Source: Capcom

Revelations 1&2 Confirmed for Switch & More


The games are going to be released as a bundle on Nintendo's hybrid platform sometime in late 2017 as either a collection for $39.99 or individually for $19.99 each. The collection will only include a digital code for the second game, at least in the west.

Capcom also released a launch trailer for the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One versions of the first game. PS4 owners get a dynamic theme with the pre-order. It's still slated for release later this month on the 29th.

Source: Capcom

Revelations PS4 and Xbox One to be released on August 31


The game will be priced at $19.99 USD and released across digital and physical media.

Source: Capcom

Fan Created First Person Resident Evil 1/REmake


Made by a fan using the handle Lord DeeJay, the game is currently in alpha stage and made with the Unity engine. Check out a playthrough of it here and be sure to check the description for a download link.

He's used a mishmash of both REmake and RE1 art style as well as audio. Definitely an interesting take though we should mention that the current build has no controller support.

Source: Residence of Evil via YouTube

Revelations Pachinko and Vendetta PS VR


Continuing the tradition of releasing RE themed pachinko machines, Capcom will be releasing a Revelations 1 one as well. Aside from a video, a release date hasn't been provided yet.

Marza will also be releasing a free PS VR Vendetta experience on May 24 (at least in Japan) where you'll experience an event as a zombie

Source: Capcom, PS Blog

Thanks to Biohazard France for the heads up.

Resident Evil Movies to Reboot with James Wan Producing


Last week word broke out from Constantin Film that the Resident Evil movies were getting a reboot. Now media outlets are reporting that James Wan (Furious 7, The Conjuring) is on board to oversee the new series as producer. There is reportedly six films being planned and they will feature an all-new cast. The search is currently on to find the right director and the script is being penned by Greg Russo who is writing the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie reboot.

Source: Deadline

Revelations PS4/Xbox One Videos and Japanese Release Date


Capcom announced that the game will be released on August 31st in Japan and released a couple of gameplay videos. The PS4 version will be released on disc and PSN, while the the Xbox One version is strictly digital. They're priced at ¥2990, ¥2769, and ¥2780 respectively. Much like the earlier releases of RE4-6, the game will be running at 1080p and 60fps.

Source: Capcom

Video 1, Video 2

New Biohazard Vendetta Trailer


Capcom have released a new trailer for the upcoming movie whcih will be released in Japan on May 27th. You can view the trailer here.

Thanks to [STARS]TyranT for the tip.

Resident Evil 7 - Not A Hero DLC Delayed


Today Capcom have released a statement providing an update on the first storyline expansion pack for Resident Evil 7, entitled 'Not A Hero.' This DLC was originally scheduled to arrive by Spring 2017 but that will now no longer be the case.

"Dear Resident Evil Ambassadors,

First of all, as always, thank you for your support of the Resident Evil series.

We have some important news for you today: we have decided to delay the release of the free Not a Hero DLC which was previously announced as coming in Spring 2017. The reason for this delay is that the content was simply not at the level of quality we know our fans expect and deserve.
In order to make sure we can deliver a great experience, we are going to take some more time to improve and polish this content.

As the Resident Evil 7 team wanted to let our fans know personally about this news, they have recorded a short video message which you can view below."

A video message from Masachika Kawata, Koshi Nakanishi and Jun Takeuchi can be viewed here.

Biohazard: The Experience


Biohazard: The Experience is a follow-up to the highly-praised Biohazard: The Stage which ran in Japan a few years back. The Experience is written and produced by the same creative team and is supervised by Hiroyuki Kobayashi. This story is unrelated to the original and has a more claustrophobic, mystery focus in contrast to the action-packed original. Here is the official synopsis:

“…What the hell is this place?”
They are in the room of a house that is unfamiliar. For some unknown reason thirteen men and women have been brought there in their sleep, and now begin to rouse. They don’t know if they should exchange names, or if their identities are real, but what they do know is they must stick together to survive and escape.

“There’s a strange figure nearby!”
The mysterious person gives off a foul odour. A zombie. Emotions get heated, and when one of them gets bitten the fear reaches its peak. What once was human is human no more. While maintaining as much dignity and conscience as possible, they must kill the infected in order to survive.
They begin to doubt one another yet need strength in order to escape.
What on earth is this, and for what purpose do they hold?

The play has just completed its run in Japan but Biohazard: The Experience will be available to purchase on 2-disc DVD this coming July.