A state of the art research facility opened in Harvardsville in 2005.

A card key or master code is needed to access the outer carpark. The complex itself is them split into two main buildings, the research block and the aerodome. On the outside there is multiple car parks and helicopter landing pads.

The air dome has its roof supported by creating a difference between the exterior and interior air pressure. The building itself is seperated into five levels from 0 to 4. These numbers stipulate the danger level for that particular area according to the microbes that are handled in each section. Each level is split into 6 floors.
Level 0 contains researcher's offices, meeting rooms and the like. Floor 1 and 2 are Research Centres, Floor 3 is an Office Room, Floor 4 is a Meeting Room and Floors 5 and 6 are laboratories. Level 0 is also where Fredrick Downing's office is located on the third floor. His office overlooks a beautiful inner botanical garden complete with water features and natural foilage and plant life. This garden is built around a central atrium which connects to a number of walkways and catwalks leading off to various other sections of the complex. This garden is managed by an automated sprinkler system.

Level 4 -
High risk for individual specimens and society. Will cause serious illness to humans or animals. Highly contagious
Ebola Virus, Marburg Virus, Smallpox, Yellow Fever Virus {G-Virus}

Level 3 -
High risk for individual specimens and low risk level for society. Will cause serious illness to humans but its widespread is not likely
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, HIV, Anthrax, Bubonic Plague

Level 2 -
Medium risk for individual specimens; minor risk to society. Will cause mild illness to humans and animals but will not result in serious hazards for society, livestock and the environment. Effective cures and prevention methods exit and widespread is unlikely

Level 4 also houses the G-Virus sample which only a few people in the entire company know about. Those that do believe it came from the black market, only Downing himself is aware of it's origins in Raccoon City.

Level 0 was almost completely destroyed when Fredrick Downing and Curtis Miller detonated a bomb.

In the result of a biohazard, the infected area is sprayed with Anhydrous ethanol which is used to re-sterilize the building. Five minutes later the area is incinerated to vaporize any infectious agents. The area will then drop into a deep pit located hundreds of feet below the Earth. During the battle with the Curtis G-Creature, the inner-garden was the first section to fall into this pit. Next was Level 4 and so on until all subsequent levels have fallen.

The aerodome also has four sub-basement levels, and levels B-2 and B-4 have connecting underground tunnels that lead back to the research block.

The research block is made up of 22 floors. Floors 19-20 are Conference Rooms, Floor 21 is the Center Control Room and Floor 22 is the President's Office. From the Center Control Room, the rest of the facility including the aerodome can be monitored and controlled.