Umbrella's executive training school was opened in August 1968, five months after the official formation of the company. Ozwell E. Spencer placed James Marcus as Managing Director.

Marcus originally had no interest in the post but soon realised that with the lab facilities it provided, he would be able to carry out his own personal research on the Progenitor Virus in complete privacy, away from the prying eyes of Spencer. Spencer also had his own motivation for the move as it ensured Marcus would be working much closer to home where he could be easily monitored. This was opposed to Marcus being sent out to Africa to the new research facilities there as he had originally requested.

The training facility took on its first students in September 1968 with the ultimate goal of uncovering and educating a select group of individuals that would be trained to become global future leaders of Umbrella Inc.

The facility was operational for ten years until it was closed down unceremoniously in 1978 following revelations of Marcus' illegal human experimentation and groundbreaking T-Virus research. In all that time the facility only produced two students that had potential; they were Albert Wesker and William Birkin.

Management of the students was mainly left to the Assistant Director as Marcus spent most of his time locked away in his private labs, outside the public sector of the school. He never showed any interest in any of the students until Wesker and Birkin enrolled in 1977.

Following the closure of the facility, the actual school was left abandoned; though James Marcus still operated in his private labs situated beneath the church. There he continued his research but after being stripped of all authority, research staff anf funding, he could never produce any worthwhile results.

Despite the facility remaining empty, the storage tanks were still full and due to plain mis-management there were still many exposed chemicals lying around. The place gathered dust for 20 years until Umbrella launched an operation to re-open it in 1998.

Situated in Raccoon Forest a couple of miles away from the Spencer Mansion, the training facility is similar in size to the mansion, perhaps a little bigger, though unlike the mansion it was not designed or built by George Trevor. It was built on a huge hill and over time the bridge leading to the main entrance has been destroyed, leaving a gaping chasm in its wake. At the rear of the facility is the wide expanse of a huge lake.

It has a purpose built train garage underneath the building which contains private railtracks for the Ecliptic Express that lead back to Raccoon City. There is also a small sewer network that runs parallel to the foundations of the building.

The main hall is dominated by a portrait of James Marcus at the top of the main stairwell. There is a speaker installed in the hall which plays Marcus' voice every so often, reminding the students of the company motto and why they are there in the first place.

The ground floor left wing contains toilet facilities and a small classroom. The right wing houses the main student dining room and kitchen. A corridor past that leads to the generator room with a staircase down to the basement level. On the opposite side a single door leads to a storage room with a ladder leading upwards to an exterior balcony section. Access to an observatory can be gained from here.

On the first floor, the left wing has a single living room area, a library with computer access, another study room and an infirmary. There is also Marcus' office which is designed around his love of chess.

The right wing contains a meeting room where regular meetings of the Vaccine Research and Infectious Agents teams were held. Other rooms include a bar and recreation area complete with piano and a metal working area. Both of these wings are joined together by the main lecture theatre in the middle.

There is also a third floor which contains a large empty space that doesn't appear to have a particular function. A bell tower and an outside courtyard area complete with small water feature.

In the main hall of the facility, a hidden switch reveals a hidden door that is situated behind the portrait of Marcus. This leads down to the basement area where a hidden torture room is located and the power regulator.

Access to the basement can also be found in the generator room and contains a small prison and steps down to a further sub-basement that holds an armoury and a 'battle zone' testing grid for the first primative B.O.W.s

The observatory on the third floor can be accessed by a hidden swich in Marcus' office. Beyond the observatory a small path leads to a church. An elevator beneath the church leads down to Marcus' own private labs. There is also an underground cable car system that leads back to Raccoon City.

The Management Training Facility was destroyed when William Birkin activated the self-destruct device on the morning of July 24th, 1998.