The Spencer Rain was a grand luxury cruise liner owned and operated by Umbrella. In a tribute to the only surviving founding member of the company, the ship was named after Ozwell E. Spencer. Initially it was used as a retreat for corporate VIPs and potential customers but following Umbrella’s plight in the fallout from the Raccoon City tragedy and the perilous economic position they found themselves in the early 21st century, the ship primary focus changed to an auction house for Umbrella’s B.O.W.

With the whole world watching Umbrella with wary eyes, ships such as the Spencer Rain were perfect places for the more clandestine part of the company to operate without being detected. In the year 2000, Umbrella had opened up underground ‘hangars’ in key locations around the world. These hangers were used for the storage of the latest B.O.W.s and the locations were known by only key personnel. One was located beneath a huge grain silo in a remote village in the Russian Caucasus. When ready, B.O.W.s would be taken from these hangars and placed onto the transport ships for sale to terrorists and rogue states. Because the ships were constantly on the move, it made it almost impossible for governments to track them down.

The Spencer Rain set sail on Monday May 20th, 2002 and onboard were B.O.W.s such as the Hunter Elite and the T-091 which was the first Tyrant created using Umbrella’s prototype ‘TG Virus’. Many famous people and wealthy businessmen from all over the world were on board to see Umbrella showcase their latest bio weaponry. However, these dealings were to be discreet and much of the main crew were unaware of what was going on or precisely what was in the ‘cargo’ they had been loading onto the ship.

The ship itself was built over four floors with two main decks and two basement levels. The 2F level houses the first class cabins and the VIP rooms. There is also a grand ball room with stairs leading down to the lower levels.

1F level contains the second and third class passenger cabins. There is also a dining hall, cafeteria and a kitchen. The highlight of the 1F level is the ‘Seven Seas’ lounge bar which doubles as a casino. The first floor also contains the Captain’s quarters and the main bridge.

The exterior decks contain swimming pools and a Jacuzzi. Using a valve handle on the exterior deck will gain access to the basement levels.

B1 is split into three sub levels. The first contains the boiler rooms and a small service elevator down to B2. Further down there is also the Cargo Room and the Presentation Room where the B.O.W.s are showcased. The Presentation Room contains a hidden door leading back up to the grand ball room.
There is also the Monitor Room where Morpheus Duvall hid during the T-Virus outbreak and Ship Crew Room.

B2 level contains the main engine rooms and crew quarters.

The Spencer Rain was hijacked by ex-Umbrella employee Morpheus D. Duvall in September 2002. The T-Virus was released and all passengers and crew were killed. The ship ran aground when it hit Benthic Island in September 2002; the remains of the ship sank to the ocean floor.