Sheena Island was a small European island owned and operated exclusively by Umbrella. Its exact origins are unknown but it was believed to have been purchased by Umbrella outright in the min-nineties. Everyone who lives and works on the island is connected to Umbrella in some capacity.
The island itself housed one of Umbrella’s most important global facilities; the Tyrant manufacturing plant.
It was here that mass-produced Tyrants were created and shipped out to various Umbrella bases across the world. This was only made possible when extensive testing on the clones of a successful Tyrant compatible human allowed island commander Vincent Goldman to discover that a chemical called Beta Heroto Nonserotenin present only in the brains of children as they enter puberty, allowed for the compatibility factor to be greatly increased.


New Meil Church:
Small parish for island residents. Strangely it has been outfitted with pinball machines and activities for children. There is also a secret basement room which is accessed by switching the dial from the grandfather clock in the study to the one in the hallway. This leads down to a storeroom. The parishioner of the church is one of the leaders of the city who attends regular meetings with Goldman.

Southend Theatre:
A very small cinema that houses only one screen and holds a very small capacity. There is a small refreshment room and the projectionist’s booth is located upstairs. As well as being for entertainment purposes, it is likely the theatre is used for video conferences and seminars for Umbrella executives.

A small restaurant in which the owner holds a deep fear of Umbrella and their virus research. He planned to flee the island following news of the Raccoon City tragedy and that the T-Virus was also kept on Sheena Island. Aside from the main dining area, there is the kitchen where the food is prepared and a freezer room. The restaurant is open only to Umbrella personnel and their families and is situated on the street in between New Meil Church and the Southend Theatre.

Club Entrepot:
An amusement arcade. Full of arcade machines. Also leads to a small, private casino.

Built over two floors with a sub-basement. Contains state of the art medical equipment.

Warehouse: Large warehouse situated in the centre of town opposite the main Umbrella offices. This is where all the supplies and perishables sent to the island are stored and processed. A favourite import for the islanders is ‘Osterich Beer’.

A small night club where guinea pigs would be taken so they could relax and unwind before they were experimented on. Contains a bar, a stage area where live bands would play and a small V.I.P room.

Umbrella Office:
Main Umbrella headquarters on the island. Vincent Goldman’s office is located on the 13th floor.

The Prison Chief was one of the city leaders who reported directly to Goldman. The prison itself it rather ominously named ‘Paradise’. In October 1998 a number of teenage guinea pigs staged a mass-breakout. They were all caught and executed by Commander Goldman. As well as holding cells and a shower area, there are also administrative officers and prison yard and watchtower.

Tyrant Factory:
Built underneath the foundations of a ruined old mansion. Access is granted through a trapdoor in the main lobby of the house. The factory is four stories below ground and has an underground tram system which ferries employees to and from a heliport at the edge of the island. This is the main route for Umbrella officials to come and go from Sheena. The factory’s primary function is the mass production of the T-103 Tyrant line, although other B.O.W.s are created and manufactured here including ‘Plant 43’ {Ivy} and the ‘Evolved Licker’.

A recorded biohazard was detected on Sheena Island in November of 1998 after Vincent Goldman had deliberately scattered the T-Virus across the city in order to prevent the island leaders working under him reporting his illegal actions to main Umbrella HQ. In response to this incident, Umbrella sent a team of trash sweepers to sanitise the area.

Following the clean-up operation, it is unknown what became of Sheena Island and it presumably stands deserted after Umbrella suspended all operations there.