The Spencer Estate had been in the family for generations past. Situated on a cliff overlooking an expansive lake, from the rear it gives the impression of an almost gothic-looking castle but this look is deceptive as from the front entrance it looks like a regular mansion house, not too dissimilar to the one that will be built by George Trevor in Raccoon Forest in the not too distant future. Indeed, if one wanders the halls of the estate, it is easy to see that Spencer obviously wanted the Arklay Labs to have a distinct look of his European retreat. The main hall for example is almost an exact copy. A huge grand staircase dominates the middle of the room. The flooring is marble tiled with a medieval design. There is a single door which leads to the east wing. This is locked by means of an emblem bearing a Centuar which needs to be placed in a hollow on the door for the lock to click open. For added security, whenever this section of the house needed to be locked up, the emblem was kept in a hidden compartment in the piano room, which is located upsatirs above the dining room in the west wing. The hall is quite sparsely decorated, with only a few tables and chairs dotted around the corners. The walls are a dull, pale grey and the sections behind the staircase the pale concrete had been left visible. A single portrait hung on the wall, with an exact copy on the opposite side. They depicted an unknown female, whose face had been mysteriously defiled. The room was lit by candlelight and a chandelier hung from the ceiling. Above the front door three huge vertical windows dominated the wall. Around the back of the staircase was a small alcove with a door that led to the cellar and underground chambers. This door was protected by a portcullis which could only be raised by use of a special crank. As some quite unsavoury goings on occured down there, this area was probably off limits to Patrick and Spencer's other aides. The crank was kept in a safe in a hidden room just off the Study. Opposite this door, on the back wall, was a switch that unlocked the gates on the second floor.

At the top of the stairs two security gates blocked access and needed to be unlocked via a switch behind the staircase. {These gates were probably not here at the time. They were likely installed when Spencer returned to the estate in hiding in 2003.} A set of double doors could be accessed via electronic lock which ould lead to one of the towers at the back end of the estate. This tower housed the main library. This was a large room spanning two floors, it's entire diameter covered with bookshelves containing thousands of dusty old tomes. In here the books were preserved and protected by glass cases and could be accesed via a ladder attached to the case wall. There was a large table in the centre of the room and stained glass windows looked out to the sea beyond.

Going back to the ground floor main hall, a set of double doors on the left wall leads to the dining room. A huge dining table over 20 foot long filled the centre of the room. On the right hand side wall there is a huge fireplace. There is also a grandfather clock on the right wall, inbetween two wooden cabinets. At the left side of the room a small set of stairs lead to a small alcove which contains a desk and a table lamp. Opposite the desk is a cupboard. The left hand wall has two wooden cabinets as well as a picture of the whole estate looking up towards the cliff top from the sea below. There is also an upper balcony on the next floor up which encircles the whole room. The windows up here over a wonderul surrounding view of the estate although curiously enough all the windows are barred in this room. Back down on ground level, a single wooden door on the right hand side of the left wall near the fireplace leads to a corridor.

The decor in the passage is wooden oak flooring with traditional green wallpaper. Candlesticks align the walls at brief intervals to illuminate the area. The corridor then forks around to the right before opening up into a slightly larger space. There is a cabinet placed against the left wall and a staircase leads up to the next floor. To the right, two chairs have been placed against the left wall and the passageway runs down, ending at a single door which leads to a men's toilet with a single urinal. The spacing underneath the stairs is used for storgae and this area is lit by a chendelier from the ceiling for their are no windows. At the top of the stairs a door to the right leads to a sparsely decorated room containing a bookshelf, some table and chairs and a large, grand piano. There is also a hidden chamber in this room which holds the Centaur emblem needed to enlock the Eastern wing of the house.
Back to the main floor, going through the Centaur door opens up the east wing of the front section of the estate. A corridor runs down past three windows on the right hand wall and past a number of oak cabinets and chairs on the opposite side before forking around to the left. There the passageway continues down before snaking off to the right. At the junction is a single door which leads to the study. The study is surrounded by bookshelves and there is a desk at the far end. {In later years this is where Spencer will keep his computer with all his archived files.} There is a hidden room located on the opposite wall as you first enter. In here is the safe which contains the crank needed to unlock the underground prison area. This safe is guarded by a ceiling trap which activates as soon as anybody steps into the room. A portcullis drops to block any exit and razor sharp spikes appear on the ceiling and the whole thing begins to slowly lower down. This trap can be deactivated via a switch in another room.

If you choose not to visit the study, the corridor continues left before moving to the left ending in a small sqaured area. An iron grid prevents further access forward but a single door next to it leads to a storage area. This room is full of old boxes and crates, as well as bird cages, gardening implents and bags of compost. Another door leads back into the corridor and onto the other side of the ron grid. Down here is the viewing area for the ceiling trap room and it also contains the lever to deactivate trap mechanism.

The second floor east wing contains an L-shaped corridor that branches left before opening up to the master bedroom. The room contains a traditional four poster bed as well as the finest antique furniture. There is also a bookshelf and a wall cabinet displaying various plates and other items of crockery. The door to the second floor west wing leads to the upper floor of the dining room.

After using the crank at the back end of the ground floor main hall, a long corridor runs down towards the depths of the estate, ending at a sturdy, iron door. Past the door some stairs lead to a small drop, at the bottom of which is the prsion area. This is a network of prison cells spanning two floors. It is a very inhospitable looking place and it's origins are unknown.

The estate is also littered with many outside courtyard areas. A number of rivers and streams also run through the grounds thanks to a
waterfall running down from the cliff tops.

All these numerous areas only account for one small portion of the whole estate, for there are many more areas. A state of the art lab
facility was also present on site. The grounds were located near to a harbour. This harbour contained many warehouses and it is rumoured that these warehouses are connected to the Spencer Estate via a series of underground tunnels.

Originally, the manor operated as a villa for the most prestigious amongst Western nobility. Although Spencer had many different
residences across the globe, it is believed this is the place where he spent his most formulative years. James Marcus would also come
to call this place home when he moved in sometime in the 1960's. The lab equipment was top of the range for the time and it was the main reason Marcus took permanent residency here following his problems at his university.

Although Spencer would eventually move on to pastures new, the estate always remained and was tended to by the now adult Patrick
and his loyal staff, keeping everything in order until the eventual return of their master.

That day would come in 2003 when Spencer was forced to go into hiding following the worldwide manhunt issued for him after
Umbrella's demise. It was here that he spent his final years, lamenting the loss of his company and trying in vain to keep his life's goal
within sight. Alas, it was not to be and just three years later, the Spencer Estate was raided, ironically on the very same night, by
BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, as well as Spencer's old student, Albert Wesker. It was Wesker who got to him first and Spencer was murdered in the library.

It is unknown what became of the Spencer Estate following the incident, although the BSAA did spend the following three months at
the site searching for the bodies of Jill and Wesker after their untimely fall out of the main library window. Any remaining information pertaining to Umbrella would most likely be seized.