There was an incident recorded in Southern Europe in autumn 2004. This incidentís exact location has never been officially documented but it was likely to have been a rural region of Spain. This area was home to a devil-worshipping cult by the name of Los Illuminados. Their power was based around an ancient parasite they had uncovered called Las Plagas. The parasite seemed indigenous to this area.

The Los Illuminados had kidnapped the U.S. Presidentís daughter and lone agent Leon S. Kennedy was dispatched to find her. The area the incident took place in was in the middle of nowhere, with expansive woodlands, ancient castles and primitive villages being the main setting.


A small village inhabited by a peaceful populace who had been based there for generations. The publeo can be accessed by outsider through a track running through the woodlands. A wooden bridge leads across the river to a single house, inside of which is a kitchen and a living room. There are no bedrooms or bathrooms. A small shack is outside and then it is a two minute walk through the woods to reach the main village. The woods contain signposts and are also laced with traps to keep outsiders away.

The village itself contains several ramshackle buildings and a huge bell tower. There are water troughs and primitive materials scattered about the place. A track to the right leads of to the mansion of village chief Bitorez Mendez. His house contains luxuries not available to the regular villagers.

Beyond the village there is a farm where both cows and chickens are kept. Beyond that is a valley leading to the foothills and further a field.

Salazar Castle:
This ancient castle has stood since the ancient times and has been home to the Salazar family for generations. The first Castellan of the family was a good man who taught paganism across the region, protecting the villagers. He also drove the Los Illuminados out of the area and sealed the Las Plagas away underneath the castle foundations. At the time of the 2004 incident, 8th generation castellan Ramon Salazar lived there alone with his butler.

The castle is well-fortified with a drawbridge that needs to be operated by two people simultaneously if access is to be granted. The battlements were laced with giant catapulting machines. There were also plenty of bastions and guard posts. There was also a garden maze in the heart of the courtyard.

Inside, the castle had many fine rooms and antiquities. It was also laced with traps. The place was so big there was an old style monorail that was installed to help people move around quicker. There were also worship areas, and a whole sewer network that was home to the Novistador B.O.W.s. There was also a citadel which was used to perform rituals.

Saddlerís Island:
This island houses a research facility was constructed by Saddlerís followers and the result was a very primitive and run down place. It also contained a factory and a set of ruins that had been there for centuries. There was also a harbour where the Los Illuminados were preparing to launch their own battleship to invade the USA.

The island facility was eventually destroyed after Ada Wong detonated explosive charges she had planted at key places across the island.