A luxury express train owned and operated by Umbrella to ferry their various employees in and out of Raccoon City. The rail tracks are privately owned and run throughout Raccoon Forest with one of the stops being directly underneath the Management Training Facility.

The train itself is made up of five carriages the first of which is the main engine and driver's compartment. A keycard is required to gain access to this area.
The second carriage is split up into two sections. The first houses the Conductor's Office and a small baggage compartment. The second section is split up into two small bedrooms for passengers on long haul travel. Cars 3 and 4 are passenger cars.

A hookshot has been implemented for use when inspecting difficult to access car roofs, or when connecting special trains. The unit can carry no more that 80kg of weight so only one person can use it at any one time it and should be used outside the small window by the 1st floor section door of the third carriage to gain roof access.

There is also a dining car located near the rear of the train. Once the dining car has closed for business, the car is locked up and when everyone has vacated the automatic doors are switched off. The main power switch is located on the roof of the fifth car.

Regular inspections take place when the train is garaged. Inspectors are able to gain access by using the ladder loacted on the second floor of the dining car.

The train also has an emergency brake system. For security and safety reasons, this can be activated in three steps. Firstly, the controls in the driver's compartment are locked out. A magnetic swipecard must be taken and inserted into the device on the rear deck of the fifth car. This supplies power to both sets of controls. A code must then be entered into the rear deck control to release the lock. After this, the driver's compartment code can be input.
Upon completion of these three steps, the manual brakes will be available for use.

The key card from the driver's compartment is always kept in the Conductor's bag. His bag has a special lock in which two small rings must be inserted for the lock to release. This is to ensure the keycard is never misplaced.

The Ecliptic Express was en route to the Management Training Facility on July 23rd 1998 ferrying members of an Umbrella invesigation unit when it was hijacked by leeches carrying the T-Virus under the control of the Queen Leech who was taking the form of a youthful Dr. Marcus. All the passengers were killed. Umbrella tried to retake the train when they dispatched the USS Delta Team but they too were killed.

Eventually the train derailed and crashed underneath the training facility. The wreckage was destroyed when William Birkin activated the self-destruct device for the training facility on the morning of July 24th.