This island was located somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean and was one of Umbrella’s backwater facilities that was of little importance. It was primarily used as a waste disposal plant for failed B.O.W.s and was managed by a skeleton crew.
It was supervised by eccentric employee Morpheus D. Duvall. He was a strange man obsessed with beauty and perfection and seemed to care more about general hygiene and worker health management than the actual running of the place. The workers there were not happy with his management style and often complained about him in their personal logs.

In 1996 there was a serious accident when an experiment codenamed ‘Pluto’ escaped and went riot, killing several researchers. Even by mid-1997 the facility was still in disarray thanks to the original accident and Morpheus had done little to remedy the situation.

The facility was eventually closed down and Morpheus was made a scapegoat for the biohazard which occurred at Lord Spencer’s mansion in 1998. This was so Umbrella finally had a real excuse to get rid of him once and for all.
But Morpheus returned to the now derelict Benthic labs and hired an architect to expand the facility with the construction of a giant missile silo deep on the ocean floor. Over the next few years he gained numerous followers and together they got the labs up and running again, although Umbrella themselves were never aware of this. This was all done so that Morpheus could finally get his revenge upon he company by launching T-Virus loaded missiles at key targets across the world.

The labs were connected to a waste facility that ran along the waterways down to a five basement level. These sewage areas were where all the failed B.O.W.s were allowed to roam free. This was where the Nautilus and Torpedo Kids were found.
On level B5 an elevator led further down to where the Benthic Labs themselves were located. 1F of the labs contained the power supply room and a waste chute. There is also a storeroom, a warehouse and a clean room. There are two further levels and a basement which houses the missile control room. A hidden door is behind the chair in this room which leads to the bio-sphere, the secret that Morpheus had been hiding from Umbrella all along.