The Antarctic base was originally an abandoned transport terminal owned by the Ashford family. In 1968 Alexander Ashford hatched a plan to convert it into a large scale research facility. This idea came about not long after the death of his father, Edward. Alexander wanted a place to work where he would not be under the constant watchful eye of Spencer. He also needed complete privacy to focus on his plan to revive his great ancestor, Veronica. This plan was known as Code: Veronica.
In November of 1969 the facility was completed and Alexander relocated there to focus on his work. As well as the laboratory facilities, the base included a replica of his European mansion, the designs of which had been done by the late, great George Trevor. The end result was an almost exact replica of the Spencer Mansion in Raccoon City.

The main hall replica also contained the hidden entrance to the main laboratories. Access was gained by combining three proofs of Ashford family lineage. In 1983 Alfred Ashford managed to get through this door and learned of the horrifying truth behind the birth of Alexia and himself. This led to the experimentation on Alexander with the T-Veronica virus. For the next 15 years, Alexander was kept alive and locked away in the base.

A majority of the base is located underground with six basement levels built around a giant atrium.

The base was destroyed in late December 1998 when the self destruct sequence was activated following a recorded biohazard.