Amparo is a small country located in South America. Its territory includes sections of the Amazon rainforest and the Amazon River. There was nothing particularly significant about the area except for the fact that its inhabitants often fell victim to an extremely rare form of cancer. Despite numerous research conducted by medical experts, all they have been able to determine is that the illness was indigenous to Amparo. The country was also under the control of famed drug-lord, Javier Hidalgo.

Javier was a South American drug lord who had taken de-facto control over a large area of jungle by the Amazon. He ruled the entire area absolutely. The small government was unable to do anything about Javier's control of the drug trade.

The drugs that Javier's organisation produced have been contaminating surrounding countries, as well as finding their way into America. Javier was amassing a fortune in drug money, building up his own private army, and fortifying his operations. He was a wanted criminal in many countries, and was an uncommonly cruel man.


Mixcoatl Village:
There is building animosity toward Javier’s cold and merciless organization, and many locals are waiting for the opportunity to rebel. The influential and powerful people of Mixcoatl village (affectionately known as Waterside Village), as well as the United States and the local government have formed a coalition to expel Javier, and have been amassing military strength.

The town square is very sparse. Ramshackle buildings run down the left hand side and to the right the boundary of the village is marked by a heavy wooden fence depicting messages and photographs of all the recent girls missing from the local area. A little further down is a well which supplies fresh water to the village.

There are also a number of small stalls and shops, each selling local produce and delicacies. There is also a butcher’s stall.

The houses are located further down, built on wooden walkways running just above the water surface. There is a small school and a church located here.

Javier’s Dam:
A large dam built under the order of Javier. It has a total reservoir storage capacity of 20 billion tons. Inhabitants of this remote area which previously didn’t have adequate electricity, feel indebted to Javier for having brought them the power generation facility. It is also touted as having contributed to raising the standard of living and financial status of his organization.

Originally it was built to secure a large source of electricity to be used solely by Javier’s organization, and also to be a nonverbal threat to districts under its control.

The dam has a complex floodgate which Javier could release and induce a massive flood disaster on areas downstream whenever he pleased.

One such example is when Javier caused an obviously intentional water discharge “accident” in an area inhabited by a defiant tribe. The entire village of 80 people was killed.

Javier’s Mansion:
An expansive compound in Amparo nestled deep in the Jungle. This is only Javier’s private residence; the base of his criminal organization is located elsewhere. Even so, this compound is very well-protected against invasion by guerillas and government forces. Although its standing mercenary garrison is small, numerous B.O.W.s, traps, and the latest defense systems are deployed all around. Rather than “residence”, the term “fortified castle” would be a more appropriate descriptor for the well-guarded compound. There is also a bomb shelter in the basement to which Javier can retreat in an emergency. The compound is also built to withstand such extraordinary situations as floods and natural disasters.

A T-Virus outbreak was documented in Amparo in 2002 when all there of the above locations were reported as infected. The source of the infection was down to Javier Hidalgo. His daughter had ran out on him and in his rage he had unleashed the virus across the local area.