Resident Evil Survivor 2 CODE: Veronica
ガンサバイバー2 バイオハザード コード:ベロニカ

Claire Redfield is looking for her brother, Chris Redfield after the 1998 Raccoon City incident, and she was tipped by an unknown source about an Umbrella facility in Paris. When she tried to infiltrate the facility, she was caught, after which she was taken to the Umbrella prison in Rockfort Island. She meets up with another prisoner, Steve Burnside, and plans to escape while an outbreak of the T-virus occurs.


The Japanese version was the first to be released anywhere in the world and is only available there and in PAL territories. The game is exclusive to PlayStation 2 for home consoles, but also appears in arcades.

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Platform: PlayStation 2
Number of Discs:
1 Disc
Special Features: First Person Gameplay
Memory Card Space:
Compatible Accessories: GunCon


4976219654104 (JP - regular edition)
4976219654098 (JP - With GunCon 2)

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(PlayStation 2)

1) This marked the second game never to appear in North America.
2) This is the second Biohazard game released for PlayStation 2 in Japan.
3) The game was released in two packages: standalone and with a GunCon 2.
4) This game was the first in the series not to have a direct bearing on the plot.

5) The game was ported over from the arcade.

6) The game reused graphical assests from CODE: Veronica, and added other enemies such as Lickers and the Nemesis.

7) While Rodrigo Juan Raval was not controllable in the original CODE: Veronica game, he is controllable in this game.
8) This game is a sequel to the first Gun Survivor, and a spinoff of CODE: Veronica.
9) This is the only game in the series besides Gaiden not to have voice acting.


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