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The Dreamcast hit Japan in November 1998, quite a long time before the North American release, but even before that launch, Capcom had always intended for the Biohazard series to come to the system. This was understandable, as the Saturn had received a version of Biohazard as well. 

CODE: Veronica was definitely a groundbreaking title in the series, being the first to be developed for the post-32-bit generation of systems and the first to be developed with a fully 3D rendered engine, opposed to the PlayStation era's pre-rendered backdrops.  The game was to span 2 1GB GD-ROMs, indicating increased length and content over the previous games; Biohazard 2 was also a two-disc title, but much of the content overlapped, so CODE: Veronica was destined to be a meaty title.



In 1999, a few screenshots were released, featuring Biohazard 2's heroine, Claire Redfield. Unlike a certain later game in the series whose protagonists were initially unable to be confirmed, Claire Redfield was instantly recognizable due to her iconic red vest, although her pants were now a hot pink.  Months later, more screenshots were released, showing Claire with her full Biohazard 2 outfit, which obviously did not make it into the final game. However, it does give us a glimpse of how an original Dreamcast version of Biohazard 2 would have looked at the time. Claire's Battle Mode alternative costume looks similar, but not identical to her Biohazard 2 costume. 

Some differences to note: the beta version allowed for changing between first and third person at will; damage to clothing was apparent; and some room details and enemy placements were altered for the final release. 



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