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Unlike a few of the later games in the series, such as Biohazard 0, Biohazard 2 and Biohazard 4, the original Biohazard was never completely scrapped for an entirely new version. However, it did undergo some interesting changes during development. Many of these changes could be traced through the game's media coverage, such as through magazines and videos shown on this page.  There is a picture from a two-page advertisement showing Jill reading a message on the wall of the second floor hallway, as well as one of Chris shooting a zombie in the gallery towards the back of the mansion.  The highlight here is the STARS member, who actually looks a bit like Barry, lying dead on the floor.  The advertisement then mentions a guard house and light tower, underscoring how much change and evolution the plot of the first Biohazard went through before release. 

Japanese ads also reveal insight into the game's pre-release content. There are images of the Yawn boss fight in the shed, two zombies in the dining room (which was finally realized in Umbrella Chronicles!), no wooden crest above the fireplace for that room, different camera angles, a different inventory menu, green blood (not seen until the Nintendo 64 version of Biohazard 2), and interestingly, a two-player mode. You can also see items that never made it to the final release.  The two videos below show just how much change Biohazard went through before release, in spite of being, by series standards, one of the games whose general concept actually made it to final release. Furthermore, the presence of the Biohazard remake as well as Biohazard Deadly Silence and even Umbrella Chronicles allows for gamers to experience some of Capcom and Shinji Mikami's initial intentions with the original Biohazard.

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