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Biohazard 0 was originally announced for the Nintendo 64 in 1999. This was a big move, as the series was already well-established on the PlayStation and CODE: Veronica was also coming to the Dreamcast. It was also going back in time, adding more plot to the beginning, by starring Rebecca Chambers and an ex-Marine convict named Billy Coen. 

The N64 and its cartridge software offered Capcom the ability to have two players controlled at once via realtime switching, something that would have required long load times on the PlayStation. However, N64 cartridges hold far less than a CD-ROM, requiring creative use of compression techniques to fit all the data that appears in a typical Biohazard game. 

In 2000, Capcom cancelled Biohazard 0 for the N64 and moved it to its successor, the GameCube. The N64 was slowly being phased out in factor of the GC at that time, and the GC's more advanced game hardware allowed Capcom to make a more sophisticated game that was released in November 2002. Six years later, Capcom brought Biohazard 0 back into the spotlight with a near-exact Wii port.  

In spite of its evolution from an N64 game into a GC game, little of the game's concept changed. They kept Rebecca and Billy as protagonists, and the game's locations and story hardly, if at all changed, as proven by artwork available in various print guides. 

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