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First shown in October 2002 after hints as early as 2000, Biohazard was set to enter the growing realm of online gaming. The original titles were Network Biohazard in Japan and Resident Evil Online in the West. Eventually, as we all know, the game became Biohazard (Resident Evil) Outbreak. The first images were very detailed, and being the first fully 3D Biohazard game since CODE: Veronica, the step up in detail was notable. The original visuals had more saturation and this looked more artistic than the final release. 

Aside from the name and visuals, Network Biohazard was supposed to be a single game with twelve playable scenarios. Many of these were missing from the final release in December 2003, but showed up in Biohazard Outbreak File 2 nine months later in 2004. One image that never made it to final release includes Jim assisting Yoko.



A second build was shown, this time exhibited for Western audiences. Resident Evil Online was shown in early 2003 in playable form.  This is when the game's visual changes described above were first seen.  Still, for a PlayStation 2 game not using a pre-rendered visual engine like the GameCube counterparts, the game's visuals were very detailed.  You can see elements from this build that never made it to the final release on this page.

Resident Evil Online featured actual displays of character injury, evolving beyond the mere limping implemented since Biohazard 2.  Cindy's face is stained with blood from an injury, one of the many visible injuries a character could receive.  There were also different scenes showing the characters becoming zombies, including a dramatic one akin to the leech man in The Hive chapter.  One notable omission from the final release is a chapter that takes place in a cabin area while raining, with the characters assembling together and advancing to other cabin -like areas.  Other images that never made it to the final game as-is seem to have been integrated into the scenarios we did get.  However, the atmospheric Raccoon Inn motel area never made it into any final release.

Network Biohazard and Resident Evil Online eventually hit in 2003 and 2004 split into two titles, Biohazard Outbreak and Biohazard Outbreak File 2. While it is very likely we got the best possible product, still, one cannot help but wonder what the initial beta versions were like. 

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