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Capcom announced a Game Boy Color incarnation of the original Biohazard in 1999 around the same time as the Nintendo 64 version of Biohazard 0, so one can say that Biohazard's first foray into Nintendo systems also included this interesting take. Visually, the game actually looked impressive for the hardware it was on, making the memorable areas of the console versions recognizable even with their basic and pixelated look. Developer HotGen and Capcom eventually cancelled the title due to lack of quality, an understandable decision as the Game Boy Color was due to be replaced with the Game Boy Advance and the plethora of Biohazard games already announced for various systems at the time. 

A "replacement" title known as Biohazard Gaiden, developed by UK company M2, came out in 2001 with a different concept and look. Aside from a mobile phone version of the original developed for a Korean Samsung phone in 2005, most gamers would have to wait until January 2006 before Capcom created a portable version of the original Biohazard, when Biohazard Deadly Silence hit the Nintendo DS in 2006. In November 2006, the PSone version Biohazard Director's Cut became a downloadable title for the PSP, so gamers now have a few options for portable Biohazard goodness. 

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