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Posted: Jan 27, 2012 18:05 


Resident evil: Revelations price LOWERED to $39.99.

Source: Capcom-unity

Edit: Lmao sorry about saying "raised", first, had a brain fart.
Posted: Jan 14, 2012 5:55 

Special thanks in advance to Starlisa and Eowenial for helping me write this review :D

Some of the RE official apparel caused some debate amongst us, namely whether or not some of the clothes were actually worth it. Most of the collection looked good but also commanded high prices. Well here I have my USS Jacket coming in at $160. So how is it? It's good and quite stylish! Now I'm not to well versed in reviewing clothing so I'll do my best to explain things.

When wearing it I didn't feel cold at all nor did I feel any wind coming through. All the pockets were secure, no holes of any kind. Also no tears or any sign of questionable quality. Now I'm a bit of a husky feller but I have to say it fits a bit snug but not problematic. It does feel sturdy and it holds together well - I'm not worried about getting it scuffy or rubbin' up against a tree and having it tear in half. However, for the price paid I wouldn't want to chance it! Ok, let's take a closer look....

The jacket came nicely folded and zipped up with a few surprises inside. An official apparel tag, a 15th anniversary sticker, a USS pin, and a USS velcro patch (I'll explain later) 360 controller used for size comparison.

These were the patches and pin I received from the ORC event a few months back. Just thought to share since these patches maybe used for the jacket or anything, and will also be coming with the ORC game.

The pin on the left came with the jacket. Much smaller and lacking white compared to the pin from the event.

The jacket itself feels moderately light. By that I mean it's not heavy at all. It's something that can be worn in any season I say. Today it happened to be freezing and it did keep me warm well enough but not as much as a sweater would have. There are also 5 pockets, four of which you can see in the front. The four front pockets are all secured by a single button each. No side pockets.

Here's the inner fabric of the jacket and the side pocket. The inner fabric is nice and very light.

A close up of the size tag. It's kind of blurry but it reads "High Quality Gear" and "Made in Pakistan"

Close up of the 5th and inner pocket, it's got a particular tag stitched to it...

Close up of the inner pocket tag

More tags, Capcom and Ehrgeizlabs. There's another Ehrgeizlabs tag that looks more like a button by one of the pockets. It's so small the camera couldn't even focus on it. Their logo reminds me of Tricell a little.

The pockets are surprisingly deep and hold together well. They're even big enough for Donkey Kong!

Back view

Close up of one of the buttons, it's got some nice little stars on it.

Here are the zippers, which work great and hold together nice and tight. The left zipper happens to be inside a flap that covers it (not sure if I explained that right) No snags or tugs when zipping.

The top of the right zipper has a little "hood"

The right breast actually has a removable/interchangeable tag via velcro. The tags stay on very well, I never have to worry if it's loose or falling off. Nor do I worry about ripping it right off the jacket itself, though I was always careful when trying.

So the jacket came with two tags. The official site, if I remember correctly, only shows the USS tag.

This is the tag that came attached to the jacket by default. It's hard to see but it reads
"Umbrella Security Service"

Though snug in the body region the sleeves are alright, sometimes they seem a little long. Or maybe it's just me.

Also there are buttons.

Buttons, buttons, so many of them! Even the shoulder straps can be unbuttoned if you wish.

The USS logo is, I'm not sure how to describe it, printed on the sleeve? As far as I can tell, you cannot scratch it off or worry about it snagging somewhere. Also I thought I'd show the size comparison to the patch.

There are a few little details here and there, like this red tip of the collar.

Well that about does it! So to recap, I have no issues with the jacket, except for being a tad snug. The velcro tags/patches where something I didn't expect. Makes me wonder what the BSAA jacket will have instead. $160 was a steep price for sure but as a fan it's both expected and worth it. I have no regrets of the purchase but I am sometimes keeping watch to ensure nothing bad happens to it. Keep in mind this review is written only after having the jacket for just three days. But so far so good! Hope you all found this at least a little helpful!
Posted: Jan 21, 2012 12:56 

ha Well glad I could inspire you, Lone Wolf!!!

Ok, here's my review for the Resident Evil 15th Anniversary USS jacket

I purchased the jacket on Wednesday and it was delivered via FedEx on Friday afternoon. So no worries if it's a legit site. Arrived in a bag inside of another bag with a USS pin and sticker.

I ordered a XS, and it's only available in men's sizes. It's a medium weight jacket that is reminiscent of traditional military style clothing. It's about 70 degrees today, so yeah, a little hot but it would be nice for Fall days :) The material seems durable enough. I like the small features like below--
Fabric set so the zipper doesn't scratch your neck/under your chin. The text on the patch and on the arm seem to be sublimated (heat pressed), so it should last awhile. It seems to be well made.
Here's HUNK in the bottom large pocket and my own hand for comparison. It's kind of big for me.
Details inside the jacket (I kept all the labels, etc on since I'm on the fence if I will return it or not). The main inside of the jacket is the same material as the front, but the sleeves are like a polyester blend. I like the added comfort touch, but I worry about the polyester lining coming apart from the main jacket after some wear and washes. There's a snap (I guess for extra help?) to hang up the jacket.

Alright, here's my biggest worries:
I was so-so on the back of the jacket when I saw it on the website. Seeing it in person... I am really not liking it. I wish the stretch wasn't there, I think it looks a little ridiculous. I guess it's there to make the jacket appear more fitted? I was thinking of taking it off but I don't want to mess up the entire jacket.

I know this is a men's jacket. I checked the measurements before purchasing. But the sleeves...
Are very, wide. Like 2.5 of my arms. For the wrists, I put the snap into the smallest one, but it's still baggy. I guess if you are a muscular short man, this would fit better xD

Time for the self-pics :P Please excuse my messiness, not enough caffeine yet to up my power level.
Ok, stats on me: I'm female, 5'2, 100lbs. I have wide shoulders. I'm not muscular, so I have a slim body type. The middle of the jacket isn't bad. I could wear a cardigan or something over a shirt and the jacket wouldn't look bulky.

These long sleeves...
This is how the sleeves fit on me when extended.
The USS logo hits my elbow :( I don't know it it's supposed to do that. But I love the emblem.
I like the style of the jacket. But the shoulders are much too wide for me. The sleeves make it even bulkier.
I don't know... what do you think? (oh god mom jeans)
Side pose~ I took some back shots but they looked bad, so sorry, I can't post those xD

Final thoughts: It's a nice jacket, but I don't know if I can wear this, purely because it doesn't fit me well and that awful back waist thing. XS is the smallest size they offer and with the material, I don't think it will shrink very much after washing to fit better. It's a fun fan item, but Do I think it's worth $149.00 plus $11.65 US shipping? Sorry, but for me, the answer is No .

Maybe $75-100 yes, but besides from being a regular military jacket with a few fabric Resident Evil labels and 1 heat set USS emblem.... it's kind of not so awesome to me in person. I have a few days to think it over more, though :)
Posted: Jan 15, 2012 18:33 

Last year during the 15th Anniversary, Capcom decided to rerelease two airsoft replica weapons they had commissioned Toyko Marui to create during the 5th Anniversary, these were the Chris Model this time in full metal and the Barry Model which we will be talking about today.

3 months and £195 later...

The box is very nicely presented an dlooks great bar the scuff in the top right from transport and we can see Barry standing there with his Samurai Edge convincingly photoshopped into his hands, nice.

First thing I noticed in this box is that the pistol well is a very nice foam this time around instead of the polystyrene well inside the my Standard Model box. The three squares are extra foam to keep the weapon raised inside the well, something also missing from the Standard Model.

Everything is presented very beautifully as expected from a Limited Edition. Behind the big 15th Anniversary sign is a an extra magwell for any extended mags you may have spare, coincidentally I do. Something I was not expecting to get was the little hatpin sat there under the front of the compensator, it's the same size as the STARS emblem on the grip but it was a welcome surprise.

The box also came with the usual 'Do not point as people or animal' pamphlet, a Toyko Marui catalogue and 'History of the M92F' booklet but more importantly, this!

A booklet explaining about the Barry Model in some capacity in which I do not understand, fun times.

All the trades you'd expect are there, on the reverse is the CUSTOM kendo SHOP logo.

So let's talk about how it feels. It has a wonderful weight to it for a gun made almost entirely from plastic, it is not much heavier than the Standard Model even with a full gas and BB payload, most of the weight comes from the magazine which is about 99% metal.

Tested with 5 rounds and a mix of Ultra and m34a gas the weapons puts out around 240-50 FPS with some great kick and sounds coming from it to boot, using Sniper or Green gas will give higher FPS but is not recommended as they can potentially blow the plastic slide off. Personally I use a mix of Green and Ultra for the best FPS and accuracy.

I'll post a second part to this when I get the chance to skirmish the weapon hopefully next Sunday but as it stands right now the Barry Model is a beautiful and stylish piece of kit that deserves to be in any RE fans collection.
Posted: Jan 26, 2012 21:01 

I got the Chris Model 15th and this one, but mine had the orange painted tip that i hated and had to remove it...
Posted: Jan 28, 2012 19:10 

So if the models are an exception, It would still be hard, something's res 240p upscaled to HD, I don't it'll look nice

Unless they remake the game.
I guess you didn't get my earlier post. The game wasn't developed with the 3DS resolution/polygonal count. All the assets were done in HD as any other current-gen console game (a la RE5). For it to fit the 3DS, Capcom reduced the resolution and polygonal count of the assets. This is a common technique also used in games like REmake, RE0, RE4, etc. The master assets of Revelations (scenery, character models, textures, cutscenes) are HD-ready.
Posted: Jan 29, 2012 20:14 

Translations courtesy of Welsh.

A decade or so after the incident in Raccoon City. In order to stop further acts of bioterrorism, the President of the United States decides to reveal the "truth about the Raccoon incident". On the day of the presentation - a large scale bioterrorist attack occurrs in the assembly hall. Then, Leon S. Kennedy who attaned the presentation as a witness for the Raccoon incident and as a friend to the President was forced to confront the President, whose appearance had completely changed. Around the same time, Captain Chris Redfield of the anti-bioterrorism organization "BSAA" arrives in China, which was exposed to a level of bioterrorism previously unthinkable. The situation is hopeless as numerous bioterrorist attacks occur worldwide - Is there any means of escape from this worst-case scenario?


「やめてください」Please stop it...

「B.O.W.は 今や全世界の脅威だ…」B.O.W.s are now a threat to the whole world...
「ラクーンの真実…」Truth about Raccoon...
「今こそ全てを話そうと思う」Now I intend to tell them everything.
「君の協力に感謝する レオン」Thank you for your cooperation, Leon.

「大統領!!」Mr. President!!

「私がやったの…」I did this...
「私が…」 I...
「この態事を引き起こした…」 Caused this situation...

「どういうことだ…!」 What do you mean...!
「なるほど…」I see...
「ラクーンの再来というワケか…」So this is the next Raccoon City...
「そこにお前の言う"真実"があるのか?」Would you say the "truth" as you define it exists there?

「私は 何から逃げていた?」What was I running away from?

「バイオテロを鎮圧しつつポイント"スペードエース"を目指せ」Proceed to point "Ace of Spades" while supressing acts of bioterrorism.

「傷が!? ・・・どういうことだ 」Wounded!? What does that mean...

「最初に条件だけ言っとく」I'm telling you just the conditions upfront.
「 初めに前金で20万ドル」To begin with, $200,000 in advance.
「残りは終わった後」The rest after I finish.
「ちなみにB.O.W.は別料金」By the way, B.O.W.s are extra.
「傭兵やってたほうがマシだったな」Working as a mercenary would have been better.

「あなたは 世界を救う大切な存在だから」 Because you are a precious being who would save the world.

「 世界を救うのは 俺じゃねぇ・・・ 」I'm not the one who will save the world...
「カネと引き替えの俺の”血”だろ? 」It's my "blood" in exchange for money, right?

As you can see, no game is free from the bastardization of the stooges in CAPCOM's localization department.

1) 「ジュアヴォ」J'avo wasn't hard to figure out. If you look at the trailer, there's a computer display of several reports with the title "Juavo". In Spanish, the J sounds like H. Huevo is the Spanish word for "Egg" (or slang for testicles), which fits the whole spider theme with the webbed logo.

2) The police officer zombie which attacks Leon has "POLICIA", Spanish for Police, written on his back.

3) There is a STAGLA gas station in Tall Oaks.

4) The terrorist group in China appear to be wearing Chinese opera masks.

5) Mystery Man arrives in China before Chris, as a sign is still up in Mystery Man's scenario but down in Chris's.

6) Chris is infected. Hence the "wounded" line which does not appear at all in the English trailer because CAPCOM's localization department sucks.

7) You can also see members of the terrorist group injecting themselves with the new virus/eggs.

8) Some of the terrorists are disfigured under their masks: they have more than two eyes.
 Post subject: Re: Submit News
Posted: Jan 30, 2012 18:38 ... n-DLC.html

Im really thinking of waiting for the "Gold Edition" of ORC.
Posted: Jan 31, 2012 3:23 

I just don't agree with dismissing the competitive value of something due to it not requiring godly execution.
I agree with you here, though there are many other factors to the game that make it painfully 'free.'

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing, but trust me when I say it has nothing to do with my clear vision on comparing the two games. As it stands, they are as different as night and day.

As far as being competitive due to it being in tournaments, yes and no. There is a high level of play, like in anything, however the gap is dreadfully lessened from previous installments. Some titles are in the tourney scene because they are good, others because they are popular and appeal to the mainstream thus bring in lots of money. MvC3 falls into the latter category undoubtedly. As it stands one of my best friends Detrimantix (you all should know him around here) is in the MvC3 competitive scene and doing quite well with his sponsorship, though not for one minute does he think the game is actually 'good.' This seems to be the general consensus of most top players I talk to, mainly those who played MvC2 first.

Lastly, I don't dislike the game. I think it's fun and by all means I like the flash and fan service. With that said, I don't like it as a competitive title because I personally have the experience, know how and ability to play previous entries that offer loads more depth, learning curve and skill gap. I try out any and all new fighters and always will, though I'll stick to what I feel offers the best overall experience in regards to sinking actual time in.

Seriously though, I respect your opinion and your points are more than valid. There are always two sides to everything, two outlets to please and people from different schools enjoying things in a different light with different expectations. Thank you for keeping it classy though, I'm happy you are at least able to understand where I'm coming from.

Oh and yeah, Melee does require some great execution. :razz:
Posted: Jan 31, 2012 11:18

Capcom have confirmed via its Unity blog that Dragon's Dogma will ship with a demo of Resident Evil 6 upon its release on May 25th in Europe. It will come in the form of a downloadable code redeemable on July 3rd (Xbox 360), September 4th (PS3 in North America) and 5th (PS3 in Europe).

Source: Capcom Europe

Thanks to mysteriousdbzgt and Eoweniel for the tip!
 Post subject: Re: Submit News
Posted: Jan 31, 2012 11:10 

Those who get their hands on Capcom's new title Dragon's Dogma, will also get the opportunity to obtain the Resident evil 6 demo early.

Click here to read more!

Source: Capcom-Europe
 Post subject: Re: Submit News
Posted: Jan 31, 2012 11:09 

Resident Evil 6 demo to be included with Dragons Dogma on 25th May: ... emo-early/
Posted: Jan 31, 2012 12:22 


Posted: Jan 31, 2012 21:20 

Of course Capcom did this cause they know all RE nuts are going to get ORC so they package the demo with a game RE nuts were not thinking of getting. More money for them. CH-CHING!

Oh and Stu, the topic title is slightly inaccurate, it should say Demo comes in July not May. Thanks for the news either way though. Good point. Edited!
Posted: Feb 02, 2012 18:42 

To the Japanese fans of Operation Raccoon City, here it is!
 Post subject: Re: Submit News
Posted: Feb 06, 2012 19:31 

Interview with Resident Evil 6's producer about the legacy of the franchise, co-op and future:
 Post subject: Re: Submit News
Posted: Feb 12, 2012 20:24 

Full translation of Jessica's Report is worthy of a news post, I think.
 Post subject: Re: Submit News
Posted: Feb 15, 2012 1:09

New RE6 details.
 Post subject: Re: Submit News
Posted: Feb 21, 2012 16:01 

Issue 2 of the "BIOHAZARD marhawa desire" manga has been announced, will be released on Feb. 23. ... -Announced
 Post subject: Re: Submit News
Posted: Feb 23, 2012 6:21 ... 1-Released
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