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Posted: Apr 13, 2012 20:56 

The Special Edition of RE5 in the US was pretty terrible.
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Posted: Apr 18, 2012 19:11 

IGN's article: The Secrects of Resident Evil 6, reveals The Mystery Man identity.

Despite theories to the contrary, the man above (image #09) is not Alex Wesker. Our sources have confirmed that this character has never appeared in a previous Resident Evil game, but that he's a major player in RE6 (perhaps even as important as Ada Wong).

According to our sources, this character is Derek Simmons, a National Security Advisor pursuing multiple agents. Throughout RE6, he'll interact with all of the major players, including recruiting Sherry Birkin and tracking Leon Kennedy. Simmons has his hands in everything that's happening in Resident Evil 6 and surely holds many secrets of his own.
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Posted: Apr 23, 2012 18:40 

When you have questions regarding the forums, please PM me or Yama. Looks like there was a database hiccup that day (Pablo Valentine had a similar problem, but that's been fixed).
Posted: Apr 24, 2012 19:49 

Yeah, pretty boring, they said things we all already knew. *yawn*

Thanks for recording though, Robyn!
Posted: Apr 27, 2012 22:06 

Jill needs to die in a car fire. And just to be on topic, I chose Rebecca.
Posted: Apr 30, 2012 17:59 

Better RE-insipired shorts? Would you like sharing some links then?
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Posted: Apr 12, 2012 2:41 

Lots of reasons factor into whether an actor returns or not. Most of the voice over community is constantly keeping work, and actually enjoy getting call backs for returning roles. However most of the time auditions are made in advance for characters who have been voiced by other actors.

The way the original RE was cast and recorded is not the same as how RE6 is handled for instance. The original work for the first game was done in Japan.

I can say that RE2-CVX relied heavily on talent over in Canada. Capcom had actors who worked on Marvel vs. Capcom audition for RE2 which at the time didn't have a working title. Alyson Court had no idea she was even recording for a sequel.

When it came to the Resident Evil remake they localized in L.A.

Then with RE Zero they went back to the Canadian talent. This is why Richard Waugh returned as Wesker in Zero, but not the remake. In Canada he was listed for the role so he got the call back.

When it came time for RE4 they had a cast lined up in L.A. and the game went though different iterations before they settled on the final version we have today. Kris Zimmerman was originally attached to direct the voices for RE4 and wanted Paul Mercier to play the role of Leon. But she left the project and the replacement VO director kept Mercier on board despite the new direction the game was going. With returning characters like Wesker and Ada they used Richard Waugh and Sally Cahill in Canada as opposed to recasting in L.A. They pulled their resources in for recording in both territories.

With Umbrella Chronicles the localization was strictly L.A. based. The voice for Wesker in the RE remake (Peter Jessop) was asked to come back to the role but he had other projects lined up and couldn't do the voice. So in that same agency they auditioned for other voices and just happened to have D.C. Douglas read for Wesker. He was already set to record minor roles in Umbrella Chronicles, but when he auditioned for Wesker they decided on him. He has since played the role. They recast Ada because the game was localized. However when Darkside Chronicles was being made they decided to pull their resources together and use Alyson Court and Sally Cahill to play Claire and Ada in that game. This marks another occasion where a actor that was recast returns to the role. But this doesn't always guarantee anything. ORC used Alyson Court for Claire, but replaced Sally Cahill with Courtenay Taylor when it came to Ada Wong. And that's who I suspect to be Ada in RE6.

Roger Craig Smith didn't voice Chris in Umbrella Chronicles. The only people that carried over from UC were P.J. Lee (Jill), D.C. Douglas (Wesker) and later Stephanie Sheh (Rebecca). And P.J. Lee had voiced and did the mocap for Jill in RE5 as well as performed for Mercenaries 3D. For some reason or another she didn't return to Revelations despite doing Jill's voice for the teaser and demo that came with Mercs 3D. Michelle Ruff auditioned and got the role of Jill for Revelation and ORC thus far. Her and Roger Craig Smith also did original characters from the RE: Degeneration CGI film.

What is true is that during auditions a lot of the VO directors like Stephanie Sheh and Liam O' Brien will cast themselves in roles and look to people they've worked with in the past. Look through most of the games they've done and you'll see that the agencies they belong in pull these actors to a lot of products in L.A. Going to my Wesker examples both Peter Jessop and D.C. Douglas play prominent characters in the Mass Effect game series.

Personally I have my favorites when it comes to which actor's voice I enjoy for which character. Especially in RE. But at this point I'm used to the idea that every actor working in this franchise is replaceable...... Except Alyson Court. I think she's either really lucky or her prior work with Capcom outside of voice acting might give her special treatment over the rest.
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Posted: May 07, 2012 17:09 

^ Hello Ellen DeGeneres
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Posted: May 08, 2012 1:27 


Taken today at Universal Studios
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Posted: May 08, 2012 1:34 

Why thank you dearest :)
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Posted: May 09, 2012 11:54 

Here are a few scans from PlayStation Magazine UK which features a few new plot details and assorted screenshots. ... pu-podcast

A few interesting details are included:-

- Leon has more of a naive attitude in RE6, similar to how he was presented in RE2.
- Jake's blood has the ability to cure a C-Virus infection.
- Sherry has some kind of superhuman abilities due to her G-Virus infection and her and Jake are described as 'an unstoppable pair of near-invincible, self-regenerating superhumans'.
- Jake and Sherry's campaign is being described as a 'melee fighter' and more of it will be shown at E3. Also, they apparently 'don't need weapons to survive.'
- There are QTEs in RE6, but it is unclear how frequently they will have to be used.
- There is less of an emphasis on cutscenes to tell the story and instead the story will be told through the gameplay and environments.
- Carla Radames is mentioned in the article, but only as a reference to the rumour from the translator on the Portuguese forum.

Direct links to scans:


EDIT: This has already been posted in the RE6 but I didn't see it.
 Post subject: Re: Deadlight
Posted: May 25, 2012 10:06 

Aaaand now there's a story trailer.
Posted: Jun 04, 2012 11:58 

Great post!

Yeah, I've heard before that cannibals commit such practices as drinking blood and eating hearts as a way of gaining spiritual benefits and the likes. Makes sense to me. The spirit is within the blood. Your correct on your points. :)

Those who don't understand will inevitably call me crazy. (not pointing fingers at anyone here) However, it makes sense when you believe that Man has a spirit. It was their way of gaining power.

I don't know who was the first to come out and yell "Zombie's lol!" but the topics don't really have anything to do with such, though I kind of want it to happen.

note to self: (Man, Agent can talk and talk and talk! lol! (no offence my friend) )
Posted: Jun 04, 2012 13:43 

Posted: Jun 04, 2012 22:28 

If anyone needed more confirmation that there are two Ada's...

One has hoop earrings. One doesn't even have piercings. Blue = Carla, Red = Ada.
Posted: Jun 06, 2012 20:03 

Well i'm really looking forward to the game's 12 hour champagne mode.
Posted: Jun 08, 2012 15:17 

@ Agent_Gundlach I couldn't agree more. Straying away from all of the media as the game comes closer to release is your best bet. Same thing happened to me and it's not only the media but the temptation of that one thread that says "**** dies".

I also agree with the hypeness for the storyline and the uncertainty for the game play. I'm looking forward to Leon's the most for that old school feel but Jake's is the most intriguing to me.

I'm also glad that they took away the merchant :lol: and that they didn't cave in and answer any of the storyline or returning characters questions (at least for now before the spoiler filled trailer releases :razz: )

Overall: I'm excited for RE6, and I'm definitely excited for the demo this way I can get a better feel of the game play and controls :biggrin:.
Posted: Jun 08, 2012 15:19

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, Producer of Resident Evil 6 has confirmed at an E3 interview that there will be no Merchant or Shop system in the game. Weapons won't be bought or sold and will rely on you obtaining them through the levels as you progress.

Whether this means you will need to find weapons in the levels solely or whether once you find them you can keep them in a stockpile similiar to RE5 is yet to be seen.

He also confirms that most characters use all the same weapons as well. And the game will use a skill point system to help level your characters up in custom ways. Therefore one player's Leon may be different from anothers in terms of abilities.

You can read more about it here .

Source: GamerFitNation | Tip: Vito
Posted: Jun 08, 2012 18:52 

It's such a shitty bundle, whichever platform you get it on.

We're likely in the home stretch of this generation of consoles, likely got another two years tops. So why lumber people with digital copies of FIVE different games? Give people something special, would it be that much of a hardship to put them onto a disc?

Then of course there's how lopsided they both are - where's the balance? Sure the 360 doesn't have the original trilogy, but a piss poor CGI film is nowhere near compensation enough.

I'm a big fan of digital downloads, but this "bundle" (ie. one disc and a bunch of long codes) is really poor.

Not that anyone should be surprised with Capcom i know.
Posted: Jun 11, 2012 17:50 

Hopefully the patch turns the game into the Biohazard 6 demo when I put the disc in, because otherwise I don't care.
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