The living dead, the classic horror monster come to life; this is what happens when the T-virus infects a human. Within a few days the victim will begin to deteriorate, their skin becomes itchy; pieces of their flesh begin to fall off, their mind slowly loses all function except for one thing, the need to feed. Once the virus fully takes over they are no longer the person they were, merely a shell of their formal selves.

The zombie has no emotions, no feelings, it just wants to eat meat, normally human meat, and will let nothing get in its way. It is slow moving but surprisingly powerful, it can spew acid from its mouth, it can even lose limbs and just keep on coming. To kill a zombie one most destroy the brain, either by shooting it or beheading it. Burning the zombie is also an effective way to destroy them.

The biggest threat from a zombie is their capability to transfer the virus onto others. When they bite a human, that person becomes infected; he in turn will bite another, and so on. It is a vicious cycle. The result is an epidemic of zombies, the worst case of which occurred at Raccoon City. The entire city became a city of the dead; the only way to neutralize it was to literally wipe Raccoon City off the face of the earth.

They might not be the most deadly or the hardest to kill but no T-virus creature poses more of a threat to a population than the zombie.

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