This monstrosity was a designed B.O.W. test, the result was a gigantic snake nicknamed Yawn because of the shape its mouth makes when swallowing food whole. The Yawn has grown to tremendous sizes; it has the ability to swallow a human with ease. Its fangs contain a deadly poison, which requires a specific serum to cure. The beast escaped from the lab during the outbreak and thus it has been loose inside the mansion walls ever since.

Richard Aiken of STARS became acquainted with the giant snake when he was bitten outside an old wine cellar. Jill Valentine found Richard near death, injected with the deadly poison. Reports are sketchy, some say Richard died on the spot, and others say he died in a rematch against the Yawn. In the end the Yawn met its demise at the hands of a STARS Alpha team member.

Games: Biohazard, Biohazard (Rebirth), Biohazard Deadly Silence  Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles


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