The being that awoke after 15-years of cryogenic sleep is nothing short of amazing. Alexia has become one with the T-veronica virus, and is able to maintain all her thoughts and at the same time have incredible powers. She is able to control her giant tentacles at will, which can stretch many miles. At first she remained in her human form but as the virus began to evolve she mutated.

Her first form was still humanoid but the color of her skin changed and she had tentacle like muscles wrapped around her body. Her blood became reactive with air, becoming fire at the first touch. She also gained immense strength and speed, enough to battle the mutated Wesker.

Alexia’s second form began to take on the ant DNA the veronica virus was based on. Alexia became an ant queen in essence, with giant wings and growing a giant fallopian tube, which laid eggs. Chris destroyed her reproductive pouch; an angry Alexia detached herself from the tube and began to fly around like a true insect and fired giant balls of fire at him. Chris dodged her attacks, picked up the linear launcher, put Alexia in his sights and fired. The resulting blast of hydrogen plasma ripped Alexia to shreds.

Games: Biohazard 5


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