The ultimate life form, as one crazed scientist called it. The Tyrant is the ultimate goal of the T-virus research. It is the perfect B.O.W., humanoid, super strength, super speed, and high endurance and is able to take commands. It is the ultimate killing machine which is exactly what Umbrella wanted.

The Tyrant is created when the T-virus infects a specific type of human; it is said only one in ten million humans would successfully turn into a Tyrant. The first successful Tyrant was created in the Arklay lab by a team headed by Albert Wesker. Numbered T-002 it laid dormant in the underground lab in a stasis tube. Wesker lured the STARS members down to the lab where he decided to use them as the first combat test for the Tyrant. But the instead the Tyrant decided to turn on its master, stabbing Wesker in the chest with its massive claws. In the end it would take a rocket blast to blow up the Tyrant for good.

But that wasn’t the last of the Tyrant. Other Umbrella facilities finished the next model, T-103. This model had a much more humanoid form, in fact when clothed with a trench coat it can almost pass as human. This model was mass-produced and dropped on Raccoon city during the Outbreak. One such Tyrant landed in the R.P.D. and its mission was to kill all survivors, which meant Leon and Claire. Dubbed Mr.X for its mysterious look, the Tyrant chased the survivors all over Raccoon city, not even walls would get in its way.

Eventually they ran into a secret underground Umbrella base, into a room which contained had a large lava pit. The tyrant was knocked into it, which caused the Tyrant to remove its power limiter, its defensive coat, revealing the true monster. Once again it was defeated with a rocket launcher shot.

The Tyrant program continued after that, they were sent for training on Rockfort Island. The Tyrants on the island were without its limiter so it had the appearance of the original model. Also its claws were smaller but it did not make it less dangerous. The Tyrant was released by Alfred to kill Claire Redfield. It managed to sneak on board her plane but ultimately was thrown out by Claire into the open sea.

No one knows what has become of the deadly B.O.W. since Umbrellas demise.

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